January 25, 2014

Saturday - rainy and warm and very foggy

An okay day.

I went to bed a little before F this morning, but he was still up before me.  I had turned off the alarms so I woke up when I woke up!

I showered and then we went out for lunch.  It was Grado today and was quite nice.  We both had chicken fricassee and enjoyed it a lot.  After that we drove out to Mikawa to pick something up for F.  I checked out the wool shop, but didn't buy anything.  I was thinking about something, but changed my mind at the last minute.  

We had a doughnut each (using our coupons) and a drink, and a spat, so headed back into Tsuruoka.  F suggested going to the Internet Cafe, and it was fine with me.  We made a stop at home to pick up my bag of goodies and then went.  We had talked about going to karaoke, but didn't go after all.  I enjoyed most of my time there and I made a base for a project that I'll be doing in the middle of the year.  Woot!  I didn't quite finish, but I'm nearly done.  

After the internet cafe we went for dinner at Bikkuri Donkey.  It was nice to go somewhere casual again.  I enjoyed it and I think F did too. 

We bought a few groceries and came home.  I have watched a few things on the telly, I've been enjoying myself really.  

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  But wait…one more thing…today is/was Robert Burns day…Did you have a good one?  Did you have any haggis?  I didn't.  Don't think Tsuruoka has any! 

Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!

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