February 12, 2014

Wednesday - Cold but clear

An okay day.

I overslept a bit this morning, but did get up and watched my show.  While I did that, I had a bit of breakfast.

I spent a quiet day at home for the most part.  I emptied the suitcase I used and scanned a lot of post cards.  I made a quick run to the post office to mail off some cards and a couple of Valentines.  Yes, they'll be late, but at least they'll get there.  

When F came home he was in a horrid mood.  Every time I tried to talk to him he snapped, "What?" at me.  It was like I was being impertinent for trying to talk to him.  He was probably listening to his iPhone, but honestly, take the flaming earphone out of your ear when you are at home.  

I was really upset…I hadn't talked to anyone all day and my husband was in a mood.  I don't know why.  He had to turn on the TV right away to watch the Olympics…bleck.

I got dinner started and then done in fairly good time.  We had sauteed chicken in a basil sauce, then ika tempura from a frozen packet, plus frozen broccoli and a side salad.  It was quite good.

F went and sat on the couch after dinner so I did the dishes too.  When I was trying to clean the frying pan he claimed that he'd been meaning to do the dishes, but he was a little late for that! I didn't really care.

Through the rest of the evening I've been having back spasms.  I think it's from tension and from maybe not drinking enough water on my trip.  I get them sometimes.  

At 11 I taped my show, but at midnight I put on House and then Bones.  F should be getting ready for bed after all.  He took his bath and then went to bed.  He did say that something happened at work, and I know that he's worried about being transferred again, but I'd just rather he didn't take it out on me. 

Tomorrow I need to do laundry if I have time and I should go to the post office again.  I have a thank you letter to mail.  Talk to you later I hope.  Night.

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