May 31, 2014

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched a cooking show, then made the bed and took a shower.  When F came home from the doctor and dentist, I made some tea and we relaxed for a minute.

F wanted to go to the Fish restaurant again, so we did.  It was okay, but again, too much food.  Or maybe too much fish for me?  I like fish, but I don't need 3 different kinds in my meal, ya know? Anyway, it wasn't awful and F was happy to have a good meal, so really I was quite happy about it all.

We went to a drugstore after lunch, then came home for a while.  F suggested going to karaoke, which we did at the Internet Cafe.  We were able to get in right away, BUT it was in a smoking room.  After an hour and a half of singing, I couldn't take it anymore and asked if we could leave! The room smelled and I just wasn't feeling it. My throat was getting dry all the time. We would have gone to the massaging chairs for a few minutes, but only one was available, so we just left.

We decided to have an early dinner, so I suggested Fireball.  We drove over there and got a table.  We had the set menu again, and each had a different type of pasta to share.  F ordered a pork and eggplant spicy curry pasta, and I had a fish and vegetable pasta in a cinnamon cream sauce.  That was really nice.  Our dinner was lovely and we were quite stuffed afterwards.  We came home and had a  quiet evening in.  

We both watched Sherlock tonight.  I did a couple of rows of my shawl during the show.  It was really good…all about John's wedding and the mystery that went on before and during it.  At times, Sherlock seemed almost normal!

And that's about it for my day.  F is supposed to get up early tomorrow and go out and pick grass or something around the apartment.  I'm not intending to go…it's starting around 6 in the morning.  A little too early for me.  I'm hoping to go and see the new X-Men film tomorrow afternoon, if things go well.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to.  Night!


Rosa said...

I think the wedding reception episode of Sherlock was my favorite of this past season. :)

Helen said...

It was a super episode! I'm enjoying Sherlock so much this season. Maybe because I had to wait so darn long for it?