February 5, 2015

Thursday - Sunny and warm

Happy birthday to me!
A good day.

I got up fairly early, watched a bit of Grey’s Anatomy and worked on getting ready to go out.  At 10:30, I went out and met my friend. I gave her a present, the scarf that I’ve been making this week.  Happily, she really liked it! I quite like the way it turned out too.

I call this The Sunny Molé Scarf--the colours are a bit off, it's a lovely peach colour with the yellow.

My version of the Carefree Crochet Infinity Scarf by Hilary Renshaw, found here in Ravelry

We tried to go to one restaurant, but realized that it wouldn’t open until 11:30 so decided to try somewhere else.  We ended up at Junior Paper Moon in Voice shopping area.  We had to wait a few minutes so we chatted a bit and then headed into the restaurant.

We had a really good meal.  We had a small pasta, roasted pork with salad and bread, then tea to finish.  Along with everything else, we had some great chat too.  We decided to go over to S-Mall and have ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  That was yummy.  We chatted a little longer until my friend had to leave.  For the first time in ages, I wore a skirt today.  I also wore a pair of tights for the first time.  Every time I had tried to wear them before today, they wouldn’t fit me, despite being my size.  Today, they went on.  They turned out not to be too comfortable sadly, but they did fit.

When I came home I changed into something comfortable and relaxed.  I prepped the veggie dish for dinner, but didn’t cook it or anything.  When F finished work I asked him to call me before he was on his way home and I’d start dinner then.

He called and I got dinner started.  I had earlier cleared off the table and started setting it.  It all came together fairly quickly.  We had garlic roasted cauliflower, salad and sautéed chicken.  It was nice and F seemed quite happy with it all.  Yay!  He did the dishes and then we spent a nice evening together.

I wrote up a couple of postcards and then went over to the couch for a spot of crochet.  It was relaxing and I got quite a bit of joining done.  I hope to have this blanket finished soon! It is looking quite cool and I finally have a plan for it.

That’s about it for me.  Tomorrow night, F and I will go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday, so I’m not sure if I’ll update then or not.  I might be too tired.  Hopefully then, until tomorrow!


MsMouse7 said...

Happy Birthday!! Your crochet projects are beautiful, especially that lovely soon-to-be blanket.

Helen said...

Thank you and thank you!

I've had a couple of ideas about the blanket, but I think this one is the best so far. It's a stash buster, but I think someone's baby is going to like it!