February 7, 2015

Saturday - Warm and sunny.

A mostly good day.

I got up reasonably early this morning, despite staying up quite late last night. I listened to some music on my computer and then put on some internet radio for a bit to calm me down!  

When I got up, I put on the kettle and made some tea.  Then, I Skyped with some of the ladies in my area.  It was fun. We had a few hiccups, but really, after an hour we were still having a good time, but family members were pulling us away.  

F and I took a nap for a bit and then went out for lunch.  We decided to go to the restaurant in the local theatre, but when we got there, found that it was closed for renovations!  Oh no! We went over to our second choice, Monami in the Daiichi Hotel.  We had quite a nice meal there.  We both had the same thing, pork in a pie crust with a curry sauce.  It came with salad, soup, bread or rice and coffee or tea and dessert.  The meal was good, but we felt really sorry for the waitress.  She was quite shaky.  She looked a little older, I wondered if maybe she only came in a few times a month because she didn’t seem to know where things in the restaurant were.  

We did a little shopping around the mall.  I got some batteries finally for my timer that beeped and woke us up, and we picked up a couple of loaf pans and a couple of plastic containers for the fridge.  If I send food over to F’s Mum, I should put it in nice containers.  

We bought gas and then came home.  We relaxed a bit, F watched some TV and then went over to his mother’s house.  When he came back he started asking about dinner and then got quite angry at me when I couldn’t magically guess which restaurant he would be happy going to.  Basically none, in other words.  After listening to him rant at me I suggested using a restaurant website to try to find a place.  He didn’t like the idea at first, but then we found someplace that looked passable.  It had ramen and other food too.  We drove over there, only to find that it was closed.  Sigh.  Just before we got there I casually said to F that I didn’t know whether to be happy or scared about trying a new restaurant.  He rather grandiosely announced, “I’ve lost the will to eat.” Great.  I thought it was just me!    

Since we were close to Cocos I suggested going there.  We went in and I was quite happy to see that they were featuring Spanish food this month.  I ended up having a chicken and sausage confit.  It had beans all around it.  It was great.  The chicken was tender and everything that last night’s quail wasn’t!  F had his standby rice gruel dish.  I thought about bugging him about it, but then decided if that was what he needed to enjoy himself, so be it.  

At first he was still mad at me and just stared at the table, but I started to get him talking about books and then airplanes.  That always cheers him up and soon we were chatting about other things.  

All of a sudden, he suggested making pizza for dinner on Sunday.  He meant from scratch, making our own dough for the base. I thought it sounded like a cool idea.  After our meal, we went over to the nearest grocery store and got some food for our dinner.  We got some mushrooms, basil, and a few other things.

When we came home, I caramelized some onions.  That took a bit over an hour to do.  They turned out very well.  They’re now in the fridge waiting for tomorrow.  F seems to be in better spirits now, and so am I.  

I’m not completely sure what we’ll get up to on Sunday, but that just gives you a reason to come back, doesn’t it?  Until tomorrow!

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