March 14, 2015

Saturday - Sunny, bit of rain at night.

Happy Pi Day!

What a day….

I woke up late again today.  Even later than I did yesterday, but we won’t tell F that, will we?  He was out with his mum at the time.  I got up, made the bed and then took a shower.  I was even dressed and on my computer when he came home.

We had lunch over in Voice shopping area this afternoon.  We went to Cafe Soco Garden and it was nice.  We each had a lunch set.  I had pasta, F had curry and we were both pleased.  The lunch set included two drinks (very unusual here), plus soup and salad with our meals.  We tacked on dessert for another 200 yen and that was nice too.  Very small, as is usual for Japan, but reasonable for the price.  I had mushroom cream pasta and the dessert was a small piece of tiramisu, some vanilla ice cream with a sticky topping and some fresh fruit.  I had oolong tea and then hot tea to drink.  F had a beef curry thing that looked good and oolong tea and coffee to drink.  Dinner was quite nice and the place is non-smoking.  Yay!  I think we’ll be back.

After lunch we went over to the shop where we bought the glass plate last Sunday to see if we could trade it in.  I hadn’t removed the box from the plate, so there was no problem with it.  We looked around and looked and frankly, there was nothing that interested me.  There was some great stuff, but I’d worry about where to put it.  Finally F suggested getting a hotplate thing.  It comes with a takoyaki plate so we got that.  Of course, F had to pay quite a bit extra so really the shop did well out of the deal!  It’s different from the hotplate/nabe that we have, although we can order a grill and a nabe for it.  

We came home for a while and then F went off to his house to take the dog out and run any errands his mother needed.

When F came back I wanted to have dinner in the mall, but F suggested going to a place near his office.  They serve Chinese food.  I said it sounded okay, so off we went.

The restaurant was basically a one man operation and we were the only customers.  We had a pretty nice meal.  F had ramen and fried rice, I had special fried rice and soup.  We shared an order of gyoza too.  So far, so good.  Everything was delicious and I enjoyed it.  However, when I tried to get up to go, I pushed my chair back and the next minute I was falling to the floor.  One of the metal legs of the chair had bent at the top and the whole thing had collapsed.  I was lying on the floor somewhat stunned when F appeared above me, ready to haul me to my feet.  I asked him to back off as he was in my way and slowly got to my feet.  I wasn’t in any serious pain, although a few parts feel like they might be bruised.  F paid (although honestly, I think we should have been comped a meal!) and we went out to the car.

We drove to the mall and did a little shopping.  My BFF’s birthday is next month and I needed to get her something.  I think I did.  I also got me something, or rather, F did.  He bought me a new top.  I was actually looking for pants, but they didn’t fit yet. Sigh.

He put the stuff in the car and we went to see Into the Woods.  It was okay.  Meryl Streep was definitely the best thing in the movie, although Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick held their own too.  I enjoyed the first three-quarters of the movie but the last bit was a letdown.  

After the movie I asked if we could go to Don Quixjote.  I wanted to buy myself a popcorn popper and I saw some there the last time we went.  I picked one up, F saw some warm undergarments for himself and then we hit the food section!  We came out of the shop a bit after 11 with a couple of bags of stuff.  

We drove home and when we got here I mentioned that it was an odd day today and F looked at me strangely.  He had totally forgotten about the incident in the restaurant.  

When I put on my pyjamas and took off my socks I saw that one of my feet is a bit swollen. My shoe was getting a bit uncomfortable during the movie so I wondered if something was up. F was talking about taking me to the Sunday doctor tomorrow, and I might go, especially if I have a lot more aches and pains. I’ll have to see how I feel in the morning.   

Poor F isn’t feeling well today.  I probably shouldn’t have run him around town so much, but if I don’t, we don’t get anything done and then he gets annoyed!  

Come back and find out if I’m still in one piece or if I figure out how to make popcorn with my machine!  Until tomorrow….


MsMouse7 said...

Hope your foot is okay and the chair incident.

Helen said...

It is still a little swollen, but it doesn't hurt. Thanks for asking!