April 28, 2015

Tuesday - Sunny, but I didn’t go out

A goodish day.

F went off to the doctor with his mother this morning.  I stayed here and did my stuff.  I did a walking workout this morning and also a bit of laundry in the late afternoon.  I also worked on my column.  Yay for that.  

F came back to the apartment around 12 and spent time here before going to work.  He went off, and I had a good afternoon.  I watched a bit of TV, but honestly, not too much as I was writing.  

In the later part of the day, I got started on dinner.  F called when he finished work, but I was working on dinner.  Tonight we had roasted potatoes, carrots and onions and teriyaki chicken.  I really enjoyed the roasted veg.  I won’t be able to roast vegetables for too much longer.  It’ll soon be too hot to do it.  The vegetables took a long time to cook and we weren’t able to eat until after 8 pm.

Poor F was very tired and sore today, so he took some medicine quite early and went to bed.  I’m up late of course! 
In the evening I finished writing my column. I’ll leave it until Thursday and let it percolate in my brain and then do a final check and edit. 

Tomorrow is a national holiday so I’m not sure what we’re going to do with ourselves.  I told F that if he wants to stay home or go and veg out at the Internet Cafe it is okay with me.  I’m not feeling too energetic either. I hope to be able to update later on, so come back and find out about my day.  Until tomorrow….


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