May 15, 2015

Friday - Muggy and cloudy, rainy in the afternoon & evening

A busy day…again!  I got up on time this morning, watched my telly programme and then in a little while I got dressed and decided to get to work.  I took down the curtains in our bedroom and then washed them.  While they were in the washer, I had to wash the tops of the curtain rails and also ended up cleaning the fan in the bedroom too.  That was disgusting.  I had often vacuumed it from the outside, I didn’t realize I should have opened it up and vacuumed the inside.  

I hung up the curtains in the spare room with the dehumidifier on them.  I didn’t manage to get them completely dry, but they were okay to hang around 5 pm. 

In the afternoon I fitted in a shower. I also had an earlyish lunch and  scanned my cards.  I was planning to run them to the post office, but just as I was about to go, the rain came up.  Sigh.  It wasn’t a little drizzle either so I stayed home. And, I also finished the novel I was reading on my iPhone.  Whew!

While I was scanning cards and thinking about going out, I watched the prequel to 300.  It was almost as terrible as 300 was.  No, yes, well, it would have been if Eva Green wasn’t in it.  She’s amazing in everything she does.  Let’s just say I watched the film for her!

F came home tonight around 7 pm.  He wanted dinner soonish and went to bed to wait for it! I’m not really sure about the sense of that, but ….  I set the table, cooked the salmon and that was that.  We had salmon meuniere (it was frozen from the store), plus a salad, leftover broccoli and some instant miso soup.  It was nice and no fuss.  

F did the dishes and then we settled in for a little TV.  Well, I did!  Tonight was my night for Castle, The Mentalist and then Royal Pains.  F doesn’t watch any of them, he just You-Tubes and Google Pluses.  I did go over to the couch and did a bit of crochet and then some end darning.  That was good  I’m finally moving a little bit on the blanket again.  I’m worried about the colours, but hopefully it’ll turn out okay.  

F went to bed around midnight, I’m still up.  I’ll be off to bed soon though.  I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow.  F has a busy morning with his mother, I’m hoping we’ll see a movie in the evening, but there’s a festival in the city and the parking lot might be crowded.  I think, the best thing for you to do is come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow then….

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