October 5, 2015

Monday - Sunny but cold in the morning

A good day!

Had a good night's sleep last night and got up this morning feeling fine.  I went upstairs around 8 am and had breakfast and tea.

After my sister took her son to school, I took a shower and then my sister and I went to the city.  She had to take her son's skates in for sharpening, I went to an electronics store and got some DVDs.  I bought some of my walking DVDs for myself, and one blast from the past because it was cheap...Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures! Not sure if F will enjoy those or not!

I bought some yarn at Michaels and also ended up buying a pair of shoes at the Nike Store.  They were on sale, so double yay!

We came back to Beaumont and visited the grocery store.  I got a few more things to supplement my breakfast and lunches and to stick in my suitcase for going back to Japan.  After that, we came back to my sister's house and we had lunch.

After lunch, she had to pick up her son from school and I gave the treadmill a try with my new shoes on.  I goofed at one point and started it going really fast...I had to pull the emergency stop cord then!  However, I did do more than 30 minutes, so hurray for me!

Later on, I did a bit of computer work for my sister and then it was almost suppertime.  Tonight we had leftover roast and beautiful Scottish baps.  I had some salad and my sister had made some yam fries in the oven that were delicious too.

After dinner, my sister, niece and I did face masks again.  We were quite a lovely sight to see!

Since nothing was happening upstairs, I came downstairs to blog and watch a little TV.  I got ready for bed and started my blog, which brings you up to date basically!  Tomorrow I have a couple of things going on in the city, so I'm not sure if I'll be blogging or not.  I hope to, so please come back and see what happens.  Until tomorrow....

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