March 17, 2016

Thursday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up around my alarm time this morning and came through to the living room.  I had breakfast, tea and X-Files and it was great.  I didn’t do an early workout and of course F didn’t come home for lunch.  

In the afternoon I did a lot of personal things. I did a short workout, then I did some computer stuff.  I took a shower too and then went out.  I rode off to the craft shop, looking for plastic canvas, but I didn’t find any.  Sigh. I did buy myself a new sunhat while I was there.  A couple of my older ones need culling as they are stained or really battered. 

I called in at the drugstore and got a few things, then on my way home stopped in at McDonald for a vegetable chicken burger and a drink.  I ate, read and drank and enjoyed myself.  

At home again I washed the day’s dishes and then started working on dinner.  Tonight we had swiss chard, stir-fried kimchee pork and salad and it was quite nice.  The swiss chard takes a little extra preparing, but really isn’t bad at all.  I like it a lot.  

We had a bit of mango after dinner and then F did the dishes.  I asked him to be careful with my frypans, let’s hope he listened!

F watched a bit of TV tonight and then I watched Bones and did some crochet.  I finally started the flap on my little bag.  I think it will look pretty cute when I’m done.  I also watched Bates Motel and then Nurse Jackie which were quite good tonight as well.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  I wrote out a few postcrossings tonight, so I should send them out.  I might also pack for the trip that is coming up or I might go out for a bit.  I’ll have to figure it all out.  Come back in a bit and find out about my Friday.  Until tomorrow…. 

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