October 26, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny

An oddish day.

I got up a little late this morning and came through to watch The X-Files.  I missed an episode because of my trip and it feels like I have missed a lot.  I had breakfast and then spent some time on the couch.  

F came home for lunch today, just as I was going to start making the patties for dinner.  I ceded the kitchen to him and let him have at it.  When he left for work again, I got to work.  I didn’t have all of the ingredients today, so I improvised a few and I think I did okay.  I set up the tuna patties in the fridge to chill for later.

I did a few things in the afternoon, but not much. I relaxed a bit. I had a latish lunch, I made a version of okonomiyaki with egg and some leftover cabbage. It was pretty good actually.

I was beginning to prep the vegetables when F came home.  He didn’t call me first, which was quite unusual.  He said he was tired and talked a little about work. He called his mother and told her that he was too tired to visit her tonight.  I think he was, but it surprised me a little.  

I worked on with dinner, got everything cooked and as usual, he wouldn’t come to the table.  I had put a cooked patty on his plate in an English Muffin, all the food was on the table, but he chose to go and hang up his washing.  Then he chose to sit at his computer and try and sign out of a program.  I had enough.  I sat down at the table and started to eat.  I told him to let me know when he was ready and I’d let him pass to get to his seat.  That was it.  He blew up at me and told me he wasn’t eating.  Okay, fine.  I ate a couple of my lovely tuna burgers, salad, sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli.  Then, I cleared the table and washed all the dishes. 

Ten minutes later, he goes to the fridge and takes out the other two burgers that I had put away and asks if he could have them.  What?  So, not only would he not eat with me, but he’s going to eat the leftovers?  I told him to go ahead.  He said he liked them, but he didn’t have any of the other stuff that went with them.  

Later tonight I made us some tea and watched my shows.  I thought he’d go to bed soon, but didn’t.  He suggested going away for his birthday next month, but only wanted to take off one day of work.  His birthday is a national holiday here, but we’d basically have to go somewhere and be back in two days.  He wanted to go to Misawa in Aomori, I countered with Aizu Wakamatsu, so I think we’re going to go there.  Fukushima is a little closer than Aomori, and a lot easier to get to!  One is 5 hours away, the other is 3.  I made a couple of hotel reservations for us, but if he changes his mind I can still cancel everything.

That’s about it for my day then.  Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend and I hope to get started on my column.  I have a few movies in mind finally and found my special notebook for writing out my column.  Sometimes I like to write it in longhand first and then type it up.  It just is easier at times.  

I’ll be back tomorrow night, most likely.  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

I loved Aizu Wakamatsu...it is the most tourist friendly of all the places in Fukushima Prefecture. Have fun.

Helen said...

Thanks! We went there a couple of years ago (last year???) and had a good time. We really only saw the castle though, so I hope to see a bit more this time, as long as the weather is reasonable.