January 24, 2017

Tuesday - Colder and snowy

An okay day.

I had my usual kind of morning except I was very sleepy and slept a bit in the morning after breakfast.  Oh well.

I got dressed and did a few things around the apartment. I did some laundry today and unpinned the squares I blocked yesterday.  This time they looked fine. Yay.  I watched a bit of Zoolander 2 and also went outside to do a little snow shovelling.  I didn’t add in a walk today as it was cold out.  

When I came back in, I sat on the floor near the heater and went through some stuff on the bottom of my desk.  I threw out a bunch of stuff.  I’m not done yet, but I was covered in dust, so I had to change before I started working on dinner!

F came home for lunch and said that he’d likely be late tonight as he had a far away driving assignment.  He didn’t get home until after 7 again.  Poor guy. 

Tonight’s dinner was pretty good.  We had a bowl of soup each, plus some salad and I made “buta-tama-kimchi”. It was basically fried pork with an egg and a lot of kimchi, and it was good.  I have some saved for my lunch tomorrow too.  

In the evening F did the dishes and I worked on some Postcrossings as I feel far behind.  I also went  over to the couch to do some crochet during Criminal Minds.  I watched the Academy Award Nominations tonight too.  Sadly, our channel decided to yap over the announcements in Japanese.  I don’t know why they couldn’t have the bilingual sub channel working.  Anyway, the sad thing is that I’ve only seen one of the nominated performances (Meryl Streep’s) and exactly zero of the nominated best films.  Sigh.  

Tomorrow I hope I’m not going to cook, but I will if I have to!  We don’t really have a lot of food in the house for dinner.  Still, I’ll see what F wants to do tomorrow night.

Come back later and see how my Wednesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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