January 31, 2017

Tuesday - Snowy and cold

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched Nikita while drinking tea that I made for us and eating my breakfast.  A bit later, F asked if I would like to go out for breakfast.  He was surprised when I said I’d already eaten.  I was surprised because I was sitting next to him when I did! Why didn’t he notice? 

We did go out for lunch however, and went to a very nice French restaurant.  I had the same thing I had last time, suzuki with bread and F had hamburger.  It wasn’t the North American style hamburger, it was a hamburger patty with rice, veggies and gravy. It looked good.

After lunch we tried to have coffee, but the first place we went to was closed, so went to Aomoriya for coffee and cake.  It was quite good today, much better than last time.  We both had the same dish there.

We came home afterwards and I swept the lobby (last time…woot!) and then hung up my laundry.  I did some computer stuff and watched the news at 4 pm.  It made me angry again.  I’d like to throw things at the TV.  Well, not AT my TV, through my TV, but only if they’d hit the idiot on the other side.  You know, the orange one.  

Anyway, we discussed going out for dinner tonight and I suggested Cocos.  We drove there and had a pretty decent meal.  I had the ethnic chicken with yogurt dressing and roasted potatoes.  It was good.  F had the jambalaya with beef.  Afterwards, we bought some kerosene and then came home.

At home, I unpinned my poncho panel and cleaned up my craft stuff in the room.  I was on my computer for a while, doing some Postcrossings until 11 when I watched Criminal Minds on the couch and actually sewed 4 squares together.  Yay me! I’m sure I’ll get faster as I go along.  I still have some to crochet, but I am thinking that I’ll likely take my yarn and hook away with me, since taking sewn squares is a bit more difficult.  

And that’s about it.  We’ve been chilling out for a while.  I’ve blogged and also Postcrossed, although I really should have scanned them tonight, will have to do it tomorrow.  

I am not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  You’ll just hopefully have to come back on the first day of the new month and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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