April 6, 2017

Moving Tales

Thursday - Warm and sunny in the morning, cloudy later on

A good day.

I had a pretty good night last night. I was able to sleep quite well and then got up this morning. It was a bit more difficult to get up, but I did! 

We left and F drove me to the apartment via the conbini.   We’re quite into the coffee thang now! He dropped me off at the apartment and I took out the garbage.  I watched ER and did some knitting this morning. I just felt like it.  Then, as I wanted to accomplish something today, I boxed up some of my bowls.  I put some plastic things in a box and sealed it.  I took a shower and then got ready to meet my friend.

We went to an Indian/Nepali restaurant and had a good meal plus some great chat. After we ate, we went to Doutors to have some coffee and discuss some work related matters.  I’m subbing for her for a couple of days at work later this month.  She’s on holiday so it should be fine really.  When we ran out of time, she dropped me back at my apartment and then went off.  

I went into the apartment, had a cup of tea and then decided to get to work.  I did some more packing, and packed another box of stuff.  This time I packed plates and ramen bowls!  I got them quite well wrapped I think and sealed that box.  Then, I went out on the balcony and did a bit of tidying up there.  I swept up many of the leaves, and picked up a lot of the trash that had accumulated over time.  It still needs a good sweeping and possibly a mop over the surface, but it looked better than when I went out.

I had emptied out a kitchen drawer earlier, so decided to pull it out and see if anything had fallen behind it.  Nothing had with this one, but it was dusty.  I cleaned it and then did the others too for good measure.  Yay me.

I nearly rested on my laurels then, but decided to attack one of F’s little corners of crap.  I threw anything that I thought he might want to keep in a box, and picked up a lot of “stuff”.  I seriously don’t have any idea how he decides to keep the stuff he does!  

I had just about finished when F called to say that he was on his way home finally.  When he came home he was tired as usual.  We had a nice hello and I showed him some of what I had done.  He did a couple of things and also took some of my boxes out to the car.  

His mother didn’t need groceries, so we went out for dinner with a clear conscience.  Despite my having a big lunch, I was hungry again, so when F suggested yakiniku I wasn’t opposed.  We went to Aliente and had a pretty good meal.  We each had a combo meal, so our staples were the same, but the meat was slightly different.  We shared all the meat and it was rather nice.  

We came home afterwards, and stopped in a convenience store for some cold drinks for me.  Then, we came home.  I’ve been listening to music and relaxing. 

Tomorrow, F is off work and we should be getting our internet hooked up here.  I will be so glad to get it back. I have missed it so much.  However, F also has a work party, so we’ll be staying at the apartment tomorrow night. I think it’ll be the last time that we do an overnight there.  In the afternoon, I hope to get some things done besides the internet hookup! I have a huge list of things that I hope to get done with F’s help tomorrow.  

Come back in a couple of days and see how things go with that!  Until then….

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