May 11, 2017

Thursday - Rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning, but it was hard!  I was really tired as I had stayed up quite late last night.  I left with F again and we got our 7-11 coffee to go.  

At the apartment, I took out the garbage and then came in and watched some telly.  I caught up on my ER episodes and discovered that they won’t have ER on in the mornings after today.  Horrors.  

I did a little bit of knitting earlier on and then finally got to work.  I went into the bathroom and worked on the shower door.  I got it looking quite good, and F came home while I was working on it.  He had his lunch and I worked on.

After F left, I had my lunch.  I had chicken wieners and cheese on a bagel.  Yum.  After lunch, I had a hard time getting motivated, but finally did get back to work.

I worked a bit inside the bathroom. I did the inside of the door and also the bit on the bath that is under the taps. It’s an interesting looking bath, but cleaning it is a pain what with all of the weird angles they used.  

F came home just after I finished up for the day.  I was going to give him some coffee, but then he wanted to run to the bank machine.  I needed to do that too, so off I went with him.  

That’s when it all went pear-shaped.  After we used the bank machines, we picked up some bentos.  I thought we were going to go out, then F suggested bentos.  There wasn’t much that I wanted, but I found one.  I thought I might as well get something for Friday’s lunch too, so did.  I got a frozen pasta and a salad. F saw my salad and then got one for his mother and himself, for tonight.  I was perplexed, but whatever.  When we finally got to the cash register, he asked for 2 pairs of chopsticks.  That surprised me again, since we had food for three people, and didn’t actually need ANY chopsticks.  

In the car, we had a bit of an argument about things.  I had originally invited F to have some coffee or tea as usual with me, but he wanted to go to the bank.  Then, he wanted to buy food.  Then, he left me out of the salad for dinner thing and the chopstick thing.  I couldn’t really tell him why I was upset, just didn’t really want to go back to the house yet.  

After going in the apartment to put away my lunch and turn off the water pot, we went back to his house in silence.  

At his house, he had a big yelling thing with his mother about his mail.  She’s been opening it and he’s worried that he won’t know when it had arrived.

I went through the fridge and found the last of the blackberries from last week.  I rinsed them and divvied them out for us.  F wanted to eat upstairs, so I gave K her blackberries and then went upstairs.

F wasn’t angry at me anymore, not really anyway, so we ate and enjoyed our meals.  After a while we came downstairs and washed the dishes and bento boxes.  

That was mostly it for the night.  F opened our bag of dill pickle chips that we bought in Costco and neither of us could stop eating them.  They were so good!  

Tomorrow I’m off to the apartment, although I am thinking about doing a bunk for a while.  Not sure if I will though.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I've been catching up on your "Moving Tales." My goodness! F. reminds me of my hubs. One time, before we were together, I went to help him move apartments. He had to be out *that day* but he had done nothing, not a single thing was packed. He didn't even have boxes!

Hopefully you will be done and settled in soon!

Helen said...

I hope we are too. He still hasn't called the movers though!

He just seems to be in denial. When he spends time in the apartment he does stuff that I can do, and doesn't do things I need him to do. Honestly, most of the stuff that is left is his stuff or big things that need to be taken out.

Kentucky Lady said...

Any chance of keeping the apartment? Maybe a change of heart? Wishing you quick success and stay strong.

Helen said...

I wish there was, but sadly no. We aren't moving because we want to, we're moving because we've had the apartment too long. It belongs to the prefecture and is a perk of F's job. Apparently most people only stay a few years in one, we've been there over 10 years.

Thanks for your support!