September 4, 2017

Monday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

F went off to work this morning on time and I went back to sleep for a little. I was up before eight, grabbed some water for my water pot and watched the news and drank tea.

I had breakfast with K and it was nice.  I did the dishes afterwards as well, and then did a couple of loads of laundry.  Some I hung up in my room, some I hung up in the garage.

I watched more TV, drank some coffee and tea and then went down to make lunch.  I didn’t see K at all, so just brought my lunch upstairs.  I had a salad with some smoked salmon on toast.  Very nice!

I caught up on a bit of TV in the afternoon and wrote up 4 Postcrossings. I also put my account on inactive because I’m leaving in a couple of weeks and I’d rather not get too many cards piling up while I’m away.  I got an address in Nepal today.  That was really cool. I hope my card gets there!

I watched the news at 4 and then went downstairs and washed my lunch dishes and F’s drink & snack dishes from our room too.  After that, I grabbed some of my clothes from the garage.  They weren’t all dry, so I left the wet ones.  

F called soon after to say he was on his way, so we had a nice reunion. We talked about dinner and I suggested sushi.  We decided to ask K if she’d like to come and F made a reservation on his phone for us at the new place.  We went over there and it was quite nice.  We ate too much, all of us.  F and I ordered some onion rings, but I think his mother ate more of them than we did!  We had to order another plate of them!  She also had dessert so I hope she’ll be okay.  We came back to the house, stopping at a mail box for me to mail my postcards.

F and I discussed taking a walk, but I begged off. If it would be a quiet 15-minute stroll it would have been fine, but with F it never is!  

We had a quiet evening upstairs.  I made us some tea later on, I watched The Good Wife and later on Graceland, F went to bed before the latter.  

So that was my day.  It wasn’t terribly exciting, but I enjoyed it and I was glad to get my laundry done. I’ll probably still do a load tomorrow. I have to start getting clothes ready to go in my suitcase!

Come back later if you are really bored and I’ll hopefully have something interesting to write for your pleasure!  Until tomorrow….

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