October 31, 2017

Tuesday - Sunny and cool

Happy Halloween!

An okay day.

I had a lazy day today. I wasn’t feeling that great in the morning and it was cold.  I decided to work on me today, so just took things slowly and quietly.

Having said that, I did go and have breakfast with K this morning.  I think she had a cold too, as she was wearing a mask for a while. After breakfast I did the dishes, took my medicine and came upstairs to relax.

I didn’t really see too much of K for the rest of the day.  I had lunch up here as she had already eaten and I enjoyed that too.

I didn’t see anyone until F came back after work. He was late today, didn’t get back until after 7pm.  We decided to go out and I suggested an Udon restaurant.  The three of us went and had a good meal I think!  

Afterwards, we dropped K off at the house and then went grocery shopping.  We stopped at McDonald for a while to use the wifi, then came back to the grocery store to get things for tomorrow.  We bought some kerosene as well and then came back to the house.

F and I had a few words about the water heater…it isn’t working well, but F’s suggestions were rather obvious and unnecessary. I took a shower and then watched some telly.

That’s about it!  Tomorrow I have no idea what I’ll get up to.  That makes it exciting for you to come back and see how it goes.  Until tomorrow….

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