November 1, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny and warmish

A quiet day.

I really didn’t have an exciting day at all.  I got up when I set my alarm, watched the news and started a load of laundry before doing breakfast with K.  

Breakfast was good.  We had our usual cereal, but today I added some of the peaches that we have in the fridge.  They expire tomorrow!!

I did three loads of laundry all told.  Most of it is hanging in the garage, I went up and checked it around 5 today, but it was all still quite wet.  I’ll check it again tomorrow.

I spent a bit of time going through a catalogue to see if there was something I might like for my sister. I’ve sent her a size chart to see if things will fit her.  Hopefully they will.

When F came home he was tired again.  He didn’t want to eat out tonight, so we decided to find stuff at the store. I had also asked that we go to the Gyuomu Supa since I’d heard they had some great things there. We went there first and I picked up a few things.  I got some Swedish Gingerbread cookies, some whole wheat tortillas, and some hamburgers for the freezer.  I thought they’d make me an emergency lunch if necessary.  

We went to the regular grocery too tonight.  We decided to make nabe at the house, so F got the ingredients. We brought everything and then tried to set up the nabe.  F wanted to be all traditional and found his mother’s nabe and the little stove they use.  I set the table and put out some kimchee too.  Yum.  

We had a nice meal together and afterwards F and I cleaned up. I washed the dishes and then did up the garbage for throwing away tomorrow. It’s rather a lot of work at times since K doesn’t like the way I do things. My way saves a lot of work and bother, so I wish she would do them my way.  Still, she’s 80 something so I’m positive she isn’t going to change!  

When the kitchen was sorted, F and I came upstairs.  We had a few snacks and then he went to bed. I was surprised because it seemed a bit early to me, but he is sleeping now.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I’m hoping that I could get a bit of Postcrossing done, or something else.  Wish me luck!  Until tomorrow….

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