December 21, 2017

Thursday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

Last night my friend had emailed me to say she couldn’t come over as she had a bad cold. I was sad of course but told her to rest up and recover.  

Today I got up and did my usual things. K was up for a change though. The people were here to replace the kerosene tank on our water heater. She was also being the good housewife. She is very house proud and keeps her areas quite clean and tidy. I am nothing like her. I asked if she’d like breakfast but she turned me down. I wasn’t upset.  

I came back upstairs and watched my show, then turned off the TV and got stuck in on my column. I actually got it all done too. I put it aside to percolate for a couple of days. I also vacuumed the stairs and the little bit outside our rooms. It was getting mighty dusty and with K working hard today I didn’t want to make her come upstairs and tell me off!

I went downstairs a bit late for lunch and asked K if she’d like soup, but she said she was full. Okay. I heated up some of my soup, and also had a bagel that F didn’t eat. I enjoyed my lunch. I actually ate in the kitchen today since I didn’t want to try taking soup upstairs.  My soup was still as garlicky! I used some strong garlic and it is very pungent.  I thought a night in the fridge would mellow it but not yet.  

After lunch, I went back upstairs and then started printing some nengajo cards.  It is a bit of a pain, but I managed to figure out a system. I printed 11 so far, but I have a few more to print up.

When F came back to the house after work, we talked about dinner.  I suggested a couple of places and then we decided on a third.  We invited K to come with us, but she didn’t want to. We got her a bento, delivered it, and then went the sushi restaurant.  

We had a fairly decent meal and as always ended up eating more than we expected.  By the end, I was feeling too full.  I really don’t like that feeling.  

We visited a drug store and then went back to the house.  F came in and made an appointment for a massage.  He left and I stayed on.  I watched a bit of telly, had a shower and then more TV and some computer usage too.  And tea, of course!  With me, there is always tea.

My friend is planning to come over tomorrow for lunch, so I should be out most of the afternoon. I am really looking forward to it. With the bad weather lately, I haven’t been going out much.  I really need to make more of an effort, but it is hard when I have to write cards and check on K at times.  

Anyway, I am done for today. It was a good day but I am glad that I should be able to have more fun tomorrow!  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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