December 23, 2017

Saturday - Rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning before 8 am and got dressed.  F did too.  We didn’t even talk to each other but we got in the car and went on the fruitless search for an open doctor’s office.  They were all closed.  If I had wanted to I would have laughed at him.  I knew they’d be closed, why didn’t he?  We could have gone to the “emergency or Sunday Doctor” but I didn’t want to.  I’d only have to go to a “real” doctor again later.

F asked if I’d like to go for breakfast and I said yes.  He chose a gyudon shop and I died a little inside, but went anyway.  I wanted to order just the bacon and asparagus, but it came with rice and pickles and I didn’t want that. I said I’d order the salmon, then a salad and miso soup.  F talked me into ordering a whole set, so I actually ended up eating less than I planned because I gave most of it to him.  I didn’t want the pickles, the rice or the potato salad.  Sigh.

We came back to the house and went back to bed.  I slept for a while but had to make a washroom run. When I came back I was freezing, so I got a snuggle from F who was nice and warm.  We ended up falling asleep nice and close and it was a good thing. 

We didn’t get up again until after 1.  I think K was a bit annoyed with us. Oh dear.  Don’t care too much.

I went downstairs and started heating up the soup, F went to the grocery store for a few things.  When he came back, we had our lunch. K had already eaten, but she had a drink with us and a couple of bites.  The soup was good today.  The heat had mellowed the garlic a little.  It’s too bad there wasn’t much left of it.  

After lunch and me doing the dishes, I came upstairs and started writing my nengajo.  I got them all done over the course of the afternoon.  All that I had printed I mean.  I haven’t finished all of them yet.  

I started to look out nice dresses to go to the restaurant tonight. I’d tried on a couple when F announced that he wasn’t going to get dressed up as he couldn’t find his jacket. He was just going in what he was wearing.  Harrumph.  If I went in a dress while he wore jeans I think we’d look terrible together.  I downgraded what I wanted to wear and opted for new slacks and a dressy shirt.  I felt good and was less dressy.

F called the taxi for 6:30 and even though I wasn’t quite ready yet, I went when it arrived.  So annoying. We arrived 20 minutes early so had a look around the mall.

When we went back to the hotel’s restaurant, we were seated and had a lovely dinner.  Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting my pictures off my phone, but the food was great.  I enjoyed it a lot. 

After dinner, we tried walking to another place in the rain, but it was closed.  We took a taxi to a “snack” that F knows and likes and had a drink there.  I just had oolong tea, but we did get to do a couple of songs each at karaoke.  When we finished at this place, we walked to another place and each had a drink-drink and a little bit of food.

We came back to the house by taxi. It was a nice night. I am a tad disappointed at missing my chance to dress up, but I was comfortable and with the cold weather and the rain didn’t have to worry about getting nice shoes or my dress wet.  

In the evening, I printed out more of my nengajo for writing. I’ll have to try and get more tomorrow.  

And that’s about it.  F has spent today being partially annoying and partially a sweetheart.  I’m not sure what we are going to get up to tomorrow, you’ll just have to come back and see. Until tomorrow….

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