January 13, 2018

Saturday - Cold and snowy

A good day.

This morning, F went off to see his doctor and I slept on a bit. I was tired! When F came back I was up and had made the bed. Yay me. We talked about going out, but had a cup of coffee first. I suggested going to Na, the farmers' restaurant and he thought it was a good idea. We invited K along too, and she wanted to come.  

We left the house and then five minutes later came back because K had forgotten something. We left again and this time made it to the restaurant. It wasn’t busy, so were able to get seated right away. We had a nice meal, all of us had meat and fish, just different sorts and sauces. 

After the meal, we took K shopping. She had told F that she wanted to make curry for dinner tonight.  No problem, she bought some of the ingredients and we took them all home with us. At the house, F and I did a little snow shovelling and then went out again. Before we left, I asked F to ask his mother what time she wanted to have dinner tonight. He didn’t ask.

F made an appointment for me with a chiropractor for 5 pm. It was 3 something so we went to the drugstore and did a little shopping, then to a grocery store that has a little cafe in it, and is close to the chiropractor. We had a drink each and a snack. A lady came up to me and gave me some napkins since the type of snack I had was covered in cocoa powder. It was all over me and the table. F realized that she was his Art Teacher from High School, so they chatted for a few minutes. After a washroom break, we left for the chiropractor.  

F had used his GPS to find the place, but as he often does, made a turn in the wrong place. We ended up in a dead-end alley. He had to back out of it and it was a little scary. Luckily, he was driving and not me.I can’t back up to save my life, which is one reason why I don’t drive. Finally, we got to the right place.  

I got worked on for a little more than an hour. This guy’s technique is very interesting. He didn’t really work on the part of me that I’m having trouble with, just worked on other things. We did a lot of bending and stretching and he gave me some advice on how to take care of other potential problems. To be honest, I don’t think he is a chiropractor…he’s something similar but quite different. Anyway, I went to him a few years ago when I had the same problem and he really helped, so I’m hoping he’ll do the same again.

We rushed back to the house when we were done because we worried that K might have dinner waiting for us and be upset that we weren’t there.  When we arrived, however, she was almost on her way to bed! She thought we’d be out late and hadn’t cooked tonight! We invited her out for dinner but she said she didn’t want to eat.  

F and I went over to Jiro, a place we went to when we were at the apartment. We had a good meal and it was nice to go there again. I had really missed it. The menu doesn’t change there, but I usually just have the same thing every time, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

After dinner, I wanted a bit of wifi so suggested going somewhere for a drink.  F pointed the car in the direction of Gusto.  We had dessert and the drink bar and it was quite nice.  I got to use the wifi for a bit, but F couldn’t get his to work sad to say. 

We came home afterwards and came upstairs to our lair. F is now in bed but I’m not sure if he’s sleeping or not! I am going to bed in a few minutes. I’m tired and I really do need more sleep than I get. 

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow. I’m hoping that we’ll have a good and interesting day. Until tomorrow….

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