January 17, 2018

Wednesday - Rainy but warmish

A good day.

I felt much better today, so that was good.  I had a pretty usual morning except when I went downstairs, K was bopping around.  I invited her to have breakfast and she said yes.  We both had cereal together and some Darjeeling.  Different cereals of course, but it was quite nice to eat with her again.  

I came back upstairs and decided not to do the laundry I should have done.  I didn’t nap today, but I did watch a few TV programmes off the DVR.  I did some scanning of cards for my blog too.  I have a lot still to do, but at least I have done some now.

I did have lunch by myself, but that was okay.  K had already eaten, so not a big deal.  I got a text from F saying that he had taken off tomorrow and Monday…for some reason I read it and thought he meant Thursday and FRIDAY.  Nope.  Just after his text arrived, a friend asked me if we could video chat.  Since I didn’t have anything I had to do right then, I said sure and scoped out a tidy background for the call!

We chatted for 40 or 50 minutes I think and it was fun. 

F ended up coming back to the house around 6 pm.  His mother had food leftover so didn’t need anything and F didn’t want to eat here.  He actually suggested a place, so off we went.  It was a curry/ramen place, so I had curry and he had ramen.  The curry was okay, but not my favourite really.

After that, we went to the Internet Cafe again and spent 3 hours in the comfy chairs.  I did have a little problem getting mine to work properly at first but F got a staff member to come and check it. He unplugged it and then plugged it back in again and it worked.  

I ended up snoozing quite a bit but did work on my latest loom project, a scarf. It is looking very warm and cozy. We left when our 3 hours was up and came back to the house.  That was it for our day.

Tomorrow F is off work, but I might go and have lunch with a friend of mine.  At first, I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t feeling well, but now she’s a little under the weather. I hope she’s feeling better as I would love to see her.  

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….    

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