January 22, 2018

Monday - Cold and snowy

A good day.

I slept in a bit while F got up and went to his doctor appointment.  I got up, made the bed, got dressed and then he was back! We made plans for the day, but the clinic called and told him that he’d left his notebook there and they had the flu vaccine available.  

We went and had a quick breakfast at a gyudon shop.  It was okay, not really my favourite type.  We then went to the clinic and waited and waited.  We even saw F’s sister there for a few minutes.  We said hello…she’s really nice.  I did some colouring and then we got our shots.  We paid and left.  

I was thirsty so suggested getting a drink and then thought about going to a new place that I’d walked past once or twice.  It was a tea salon.  I wasn’t sure how expensive it was, but F said it was fine so we went in.  It was lovely inside.  It was clean and neat and run by a woman.  We both had drinks, mine was tea, his was coffee and enjoyed them a lot.  It’s only open on weekdays so we won’t be able to go very often, but it was nice.

F suggested going to a movie and there was one playing that we hadn’t seen yet.  I wasn’t really in a hurry to see it since the reviews were terrible.  Still, I even enjoy bad movies at times, so what the heck!

We got his mother a couple of things for lunch and I grabbed my coat to take with me.  I was annoyed since my new coat’s zipper got stuck and wouldn’t come undone.  The teeth had moved off their alignment I think.  I thought I’d see if the place in the mall would replace the zipper for me. 

We drove out to the mall and took in my coat to the repair/alteration shop.  Of course, they managed to fix my zipper without replacing it. I just worry that it’ll happen again though.  I did offer to pay, but they turned me down.  I am a good customer there so I didn’t feel too bad.  

We took the coat back out to the mall and moved the car closer to the theatre.  We went in and had lunch at the pasta restaurant. I suggested a couple of places and F was okay with this one.  The pasta we had was quite nice.  F had a mini dessert pizza with his too, which he shared.  

After lunch, we went upstairs and exchanged our card for a movie ticket.  Yay, free movies!!

We got our munchies and drinks and went it.  We saw Geostorm which was pretty silly but enjoyable if you didn’t think about it.  I of course did think about it afterwards! 

After the movie, we went over to the grocery store and bought a few things for our dinner and for my lunch tomorrow.  I’ll share with K if she is interested, of course.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and since K had already eaten dinner, went upstairs and ate in our room.  It was nice.  

F really wasn’t doing well for a while. He got really cold and then went to bed after a bit.  During the evening I watched The Great British Bake-Off and then Project Runway.  

So that’s about it for me. It was a pretty good day today.  F is back at work tomorrow and I’m here at the house again with K.  I’ve hardly seen her this weekend, so it’ll be a bit interesting spending time in the house with her tomorrow.  

Come back later and see how things go.  Until tomorrow….

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