January 24, 2018

Wednesday - Cold and snowy and cold

An okay day.

I got up this morning and had my usual kind of day.  I made the bed, had some tea and watched the news and NCIS: LA.  I also had to fill up the kerosene tank so that was different.  I went downstairs and grabbed breakfast, and brought it up here to eat.  I ate, watched Pretty Little Liars and then took a half hour nap.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I had a light snack after and then looked at some internet stuff. A little after 1 I heard K downstairs so went down and offered to make her some lunch. She accepted so I made lunch.  We had a nice lunch of salads, soup, chawanmushi and an open face sandwich.  I don’t know if she liked it that much, but she didn’t have to do anything for it, so that might be good!

In the afternoon I did a bit more computer stuff and then around 4 pm I went out and shovelled snow for F.  Oh goodness.  It was deep, cold and very windy outside.  I cleared the bit by the house first, then went to the entrance to the parking lot.  The snow plough had gone through and had left huge walls of snow in the way.  I had to clear the area around the entrance to the house too.  There was a lot of snow, so I worked steadily and carefully and moved quite a bit of it.  I usually like to clear down to the ground, but there really wasn’t enough time to do it this time.  After almost an hour outside, I finished up and went in.  I was freezing!

I came back upstairs and worked a bit on my culling list.  It’s going slowly. I had to thaw out a bit too.  

F called to say he was on his way, but it took him quite a bit of time.  The roads were bad and he needed to get gas.  

Earlier in the day, K asked about making curry and I thought it was an okay idea.  She didn’t have any meat though, so when F came home, wanted to go out and buy some.  The three of us piled into the car and went shopping.  I got some salad for tomorrow and Friday.  

We came back to the house and K cooked and F and I set things up in the living room.  He kept asking me about going to the onsen to take a bath and I’m afraid I got a bit tired of it.  I asked him if I could just relax for a few minutes and he got angry at me. He started complaining that he needed to relax and I told him that taking a Japanese bath is very stressful for me, which it is.  I wasn’t brought up with public nudity, I’m allergic to the soaps they provide and it’s really cold outside, so who wants to drive in this weather?  He did his usual getting angry at me thing and said that he wouldn’t go.  I told him he could go, I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to go with him.  I have other things I need to do after all.

After the meal, I tried to explain that I just needed a bit of time but he was still angry.  Sigh. I asked that he give me some time to prepare my non-allergenic shampoo to take with me and he told me to hurry.  I half-filled a bottle I bought last week with my shampoo and went upstairs to get the rest of my stuff ready to go.  

I am quite upset about this though.  I’ve never said he can’t go, in fact, I encourage him to go on weekends with his mother, but this is not really my favourite thing to do. I just don’t need to be nagged about it from the moment I see him and all through a dinner that I really didn’t want.

We drove to the onsen on the outskirts of town. It wasn’t very busy, probably because people with sense stayed home.  I did take a bath and it was fine. It was actually nice because there weren’t many women there, but honestly, it really isn’t something that I look forward to.  I’m more comfortable about doing the whole onsen thing now, but I’m still not comfortable about it. 

We came back to Tsuruoka and were going to go and have a snack when F realized he forgot his phone at the house.  We drove there first and picked it up, then went to Gusto for a quick bite and some wifi.  

After that, we came back to the house. F went to bed fairly early while I stayed up to do this and relax.  

Tomorrow, the cull continues and I hope to have more time to answer email and maybe do some more on my loom knitting. I haven’t done any for ages.  

Come back later if you feel like it and see how things go.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Aside from the whole "I'm a westerner who doesn't want to be nude in a public bath" thing, who wants to go out, get wet, and come home in the cold? Even if it's a very hot bath and you dry off very well, you're still chilly by the time you get home which negates the relaxing hot bath, right?

I always felt that way about showering at the gym, too. I'd rather come home sweaty and shower in the comfort of my own bathroom than worry about the annoyances that go along with showering in a public place.

Ay yi yi! :X

Helen said...

Honestly, it is so much colder in our house than it was in the onsen! The towel I had hanging in the bathroom for hand drying was crunchy this morning. I think that has a lot to do with it too. Now that it is below zero (in Celsius) outside, these crappy Japanese houses are freezing.

That was the reason I ended up going. I didn't want to shower in the cold!