January 30, 2018

Tuesday - Slightly warmer, mostly clear

A good day.

I got up this morning and filled up my water bottles so I could have my morning tea. I put the water on and then the news. I got my NCIS: Los Angeles fix and then went downstairs to grab breakfast and put a load of laundry in. I did a couple of loads of laundry today and hung most of it in my room. If I hang it in the garage it doesn’t dry as it is too cold over there now.  

I didn’t see or hear K for hours today. I never know if I should go and wake her up or offer her tea or coffee during the day. It is very odd to be living in a house with someone who hides themselves away for most of the day. However, if I was in my 80’s I might just want to spend all day in bed too. I’m not judging, just more bemused than anything else!  

I watched a bit of TV off the DVR and wrote up a postcard, then had lunch. I forgot something for my lunch and ran down to get it. I was on the way out of the kitchen when I heard the heater go on in the living room. I guess that K was up? It was almost 2 pm.  

I did another postcard and then scanned them both, plus the few I’ve received lately. I updated the website as well.  

I took my dishes downstairs to wash and then came upstairs to grab my coat. I went out and did a lot of snow-shovelling. The snowplough must have gone through during the day as we had a wall of snow at the parking space edge. The snow removal people had also changed the walls on the road, so it was much more difficult for me to dump the snow.The walls of snow were much, much higher. I got most of the snow cleared away so that was good.

I went in the house and upstairs again. I watched the news that I had recorded and waited for F to come back.  

He was a bit late tonight, but it wasn’t too bad. F was tired but glad to be off work. F said that K had eaten so we could just go out together and did I want to go to an onsen. I did and I didn’t. I don’t really like going to onsens, but then again, I don’t really like freezing my butt off in the unheated bathroom downstairs either. I said I’d go, and suggested going to Kintaro Sushi.  F liked that idea, so off we went. 

We had an excellent dinner at Kintaro. F was ordering our usuals much faster than I could eat them!  He’d set a budget for our dinner at 2000 to 3000 yen total, well, we came in under 2000 yen, so that was good, plus we supported a local business.  

We drove out to the onsen and went in. The women’s side wasn’t very busy, which I liked a lot.  After I did the whole washing and shampooing bit, I decided to check out the rotenburo. I went outside and it was empty. It was lovely. A few minutes after I got in, someone else came out, stayed a few minutes and then left.  I had the pool to myself. It was snowing lightly, so it was a very Japanese experience, sitting in the warm pool watching the snow fall. It was great.  When another lady came out to the pool, I decided to go inside.  I hope she had as good a time there as I did.

I noticed that time was running out on me, so I had a quick dip in the big pool inside, then rinsed off. I went into the changing room and got dressed, then went to meet F in the lobby.  

We each had a drink and then left as the place was closing for the night.  We didn’t want to go back to the house yet, so we went to Gusto for drinks and snacks. We shared a plate of french fries and F had a dessert too.  

We came back to the house where I watched a bit of telly and then blogged a bit. It’s been a nice day really.  

Tomorrow F is off work to see his doctor. I’m hoping that when he’s done with that, he’ll take me to the train station and help me buy my tickets for a trip I want to take next month. It could be a bit complicated, so I’d like a little help.  

So that’s it.  Come back later if you are so moved and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

Could you put a space heater in the bathroom in the house so you wouldn't have to freeze in there or is it the type which has an entire room that is the shower? We had the latter when we lived in Japan. It did get cold, but not as bad as what I'm sure you get where you live as Tokyo had relatively mild winters.

Helen said...

It's the type where the shower/bath are the whole room. I've suggested putting a heater (I even have one from my school) in the room just outside where we strip off our clothes. I would be a tad worried about it getting wet though since there is only one plug in the room and so it would have to go next to the washing machine. I think F and I could make it work, but I would worry about K. She's quite set in her ways!

Thanks for visiting :-)