January 31, 2018

Wednesday - Cloudy but warmer

A good day.

F had the day off today, so he slept in.  We actually stayed up quite late last night.  I got up when my alarms went off, he didn’t.  It took a while before he got up. I thought he was going to go to the doctor early-on, but didn’t. Sigh. 

After NCIS (I had to watch it!) we went out for breakfast.  By the time he was ready though, it was 10:30 and there aren’t any good places that do breakfast then. I finally suggested going to the bakery in the Mall as they have a seating area and sell baked goods and coffee. It was a good idea. We went in, bought our stuff and sat and ate.  

After we finished, F went to his doctor and I did a little shopping. I first went and got his Valentine’s Day presents (Shh! Don’t tell him!) and then a little looking around for me.  

F was finished soon and came to meet me. I suggested going to the restaurant in the hotel attached to the mall for lunch and we went to check out the dish de jour.  It was soba, so a big no from me.  Just then, a relative of F’s came and stood near us and had a loud discussion with a woman.  F dragged me out of there. I didn’t know it was a relative and F told me the story of how the man’s wife tried to tell him that after we got married I had to change my nationality.  They apparently had a few arguments, F and the wife.  

We ended up in Foodever again, and this time I planned to go to the meat restaurant. However, it was closed today.  I had fish which was really nice. F had it too but wasn’t as impressed as I was.  I think I liked it because it didn’t taste “Japanese”, he didn’t like it because it didn’t taste “Japanese”.  Maybe.

Sushi, grilled cod with an apple/kabu salad, mushrooms, fish in tomato sauce, roasted potatoes and a creamy cod soup on the side.  So yum!
We walked over to the train station and took care of buying my tickets for my trip to Narita next month. I’m getting so excited. The ticket guy was worried about a bit wait I’ll have in Niigata train station, but I’m not that concerned. As long as I have a book or some juice in my phone battery, I’ll be fine.

We came back to F’s house to check on his mother. She was fine apparently and didn’t need food.  

F and I went off again, this time to the Internet Cafe. It wasn’t my idea really, but it was okay.  We each got a massaging chair and spent the next 3 hours relaxing.  

After our time was up, F wanted dinner. He chose a place out in Kushibiki. It was okay, not great. I think they had a bad night, that’s all.  

On the way back to Tsuruoka, we had a quick stop at the MaxValu and bought a few groceries and a dinner for his mother. However, when we got back to the house, all the lights were off and I think she went back to bed.  

There was a lunar eclipse and a Super moon tonight, but it was very cloudy here so we couldn’t see it at all.  It was a bit sad.  

And that is basically my day today. It went well, and it was really nice to get out of the house.  I am really pleased about getting my train tickets, so yay.  

Come back later and find out all about Thursday.  Until tomorrow….

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