January 8, 2018

Monday - Sunny and clear in Sendai, Rainy on this side of the country

A good day.

On Sunday F and I went out for lunch and halfway through F started talking about going to Sendai to get his new computer. I asked him if he’d like to stay over too, and when he said yes, checked an app on my phone for available hotels in Sendai.  I found one of my favourites with a great rate for Sunday night so I booked it.  

That meant we had to get there!  F and I went to the grocery store and bought a few meals for his mother and then he explained to her what we were going to do.  I came upstairs and threw a few things into my backpack and off we went!

We were in Sendai and checked into the hotel around 6 pm which is quite good for us.  We left very soon after and walked to a subway station and ended up at the Apple Store.  F knew what he wanted, got it, and then we came back via the subway.  

It was dinner time, of course, so we tried our usual gyutan restaurant.  They were still serving, so we went in and had a lovely meal before going back to the hotel.  We bought a movie card and watched a couple of movies in the hotel while I did some loom knitting.  

Today we got up and got dressed in the morning and then went out for breakfast.  We went to a place that I went with some of my AFWJ friends last month and had a very nice breakfast.  After that, we split up.  F went back to the Apple Store and I went back to the hotel to have a shower and pack up my stuff.

He got back to the hotel just before checkout, whew!  We decided to go to a mall and ended up at The Mall (that is the name of it!) We went to see a movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.  It was funny in parts, but not funny (and very squirm-inducing) in other parts. F liked it, which did surprise me as he hadn’t seen the first one.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, so shared some pasta, pizza and a salad, then did a little shopping and Starbucks before getting back on the road to come to Tsuruoka.  

I slept a lot of the way back but rallied in Tsuruoka.  We unpacked the car, said hello to F’s mother and then came upstairs.  I did a few things and watched The Great British Bake-off…I missed a few minutes because I forgot it was on tonight. It was great. 

We had a cheap and cheerful dinner at Yoshinoya tonight and then picked up a few groceries at the PAL grocery store. We came back to the house and I bagged up the garbage for tomorrow morning, then came upstairs.  F has spent a bit of time on his new toy, but really needs a longer time to see what it can do.  

Tomorrow we are back to our usual routine. I may try and do a bit of laundry and also look and see how much more I need to do on my loom hat.  I’m hoping I can finish it fairly soon.  

Come back tomorrow if you are so inclined and find out how things go here.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Sounds like a nice, quick getaway was just the thing! :D

Helen said...

It really was! Lucking out on a cheap rate for a convenient and nice hotel was good too!

Thanks for visiting :-)