January 9, 2018

Tuesday - Stormy

A good but quiet day.

I got up this morning and turned on the TV and the heater.  I watched the news and then NCIS: LA to boot.  I went down for breakfast, but K was nowhere to be seen, so I grabbed my food and brought it upstairs with me.  I ran down a basket full of clothes to the washing machine, set it up and then went back upstairs to eat.  

I caught up with a few things on my computer, read some email, some blogs, watched some taped stuff off the DVR, the usual.  

I went down after 1 pm for lunch and K was up.  I asked if she’d like lunch but she waved me off.  I had quite a good one, some toast, salad, cheese and tongue.  I brought it upstairs to eat again.

I did think about doing a Postcrossing but didn’t.  Sigh. I’ll try for tomorrow.  I went downstairs after 4 to wash my dishes, but K was doing something in the kitchen. She was looking for ingredients, but since she was using Shonai-Ben to ask for them, I had no idea what she was saying!  I figured one thing out and helped with that, and then used my translating app to find another, so that was good.  She got what she needed and I got to wash my plate. 

I went back upstairs to wait for F and catch the news. 

F called after 5:30 and was a bit later getting to the house.  We talked about dinner and I suggested asking if his mother would like to come out. She hasn’t been anywhere in a while.  I suggested two or three places, F picked one and then asked her.  She was happy to join us, so we went to an udon restaurant.  

The restaurant was nice, but their tables are generally for two people.  F helped the waitress move one of the tables together with another one, but he forgot about the stuff on the end. It all went crashing down on the floor. There was soy sauce, toothpicks, menus and stuff everywhere.  Sigh. The waitress and F cleaned it up and we took our seats.  

We had a good meal there. We all shared a spicy salad and then each had our own kinds of dishes.  It was rather nice.  There wasn’t a lot of conversation. F was stuck into his phone and K is quite deaf so doesn’t talk much nowadays.  Still, I think it was good for her to get out of the house.

We bought a few groceries. It the beginning, it was for me to buy a couple of things, but K went out and bought quite a lot of things!  She also went into the cash register line before I was quite ready for her to do that.  It was fine, but she doesn’t have much patience.  

We came back to the house and F and I put away the groceries.  I was going to wash some blueberries for us all, but K wanted to cook the big fish she just bought, so I left it.  

F and I had a mostly quiet evening upstairs.  I watched some TV and F took a shower. He’s sleeping and I’m actually hoping to go to bed a little earlier than usual so will end this now.  It was a quiet day, but not an unpleasant one.  Yay.

Until tomorrow….

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