February 21, 2018

Wednesday - Cold and mostly crisp

A good day.

I got up this morning on time and did my morning things.  I went down for breakfast and while I was there the phone rang.  I didn’t answer it because most people wouldn’t be phoning me here anyway.  I took my breakfast and went upstairs as usual.  

I watched some of my TV off the DVR and around 12:30 I heard K calling me downstairs.  I went and F’s sister was here.  They told me that K and F’s sister were going to go out.  I was really pleased for K.  She doesn’t get to go out that often and when she does it is with her son and daughter-in-law who spend most of their time on their phones! I saw them out.

I looked for a couple of things in my file cabinet which is still downstairs and then I decided to borrow K’s vacuum cleaner.  I did a little work in the hallway and also went up the stairs.  Her vacuum is much lighter than mine.  I got to the landing near the top and stopped there.  I put away her vacuum, or at least put it back where I got it!  I got mine out and did the bit under my desk (it needed it desperately) and then did the top of the stairs.  Whew!  One big thing off my list.  

I had lunch and then went outside to check the snow situation. It had snowed a bit overnight, so there was fresh snow to move.  I cleared a lot of it away and then put away the shovel and came back inside.  

There wasn't the usual news late in the afternoon, so I had no excuse not to start my column. I wrote about 4 movies which is a pretty good start in my opinion.  I’ll need to write more tomorrow though.

Oh, F texted me during the day to say that the thing he had misplaced yesterday was found. Someone else had taken it and hadn’t told him they had.  Honestly…He was so upset and worried last night, he even went in early to work today to look for it.  

F was a bit late tonight, he returned around 6:30.  He knew that his mother was out so we relaxed a bit.  We left the house to go for dinner just as his mother and sister returned.  We made sure she got back in the house safely and then we left.  

I had asked to go to Fireball tonight as we haven’t been there in ages.  It was a pretty good choice in my opinion.  We shared two kinds of pasta, a chicken curry cream pasta and a bacon and hacksai cream pasta.  They were both good, but the first one was a bit too salty.  When we left, F just had large bills, so I had to pay with a smaller bill!  That was funny.  He paid me back later and doubled my money. Woot. I like that kind of loan :-)

We got a few groceries and then came back to the house.  F watched the Olympics for a while.  I took a shower and then came back up. I wasn’t able to watch my show, so I DVR’d it.  F left the room just as something decidedly not Japanese came on the channel. It turns out that they are running Victoria on this channel for the next few days.  Darn!  I’m leaving on Friday. I’ll see if I can DVR it, but I might not have room on the disk. I saw two episodes tonight, the first two.  They were very good.  

So that’s it.  Tomorrow I have a load of laundry to do, a column to do more work on, and all the usual stuff that I get up to.  On Friday I’ll be up early.  F is taking the day off and has promised to buy me breakfast and drive me to the station to catch my train. If all goes well I’ll be back on Monday night, although you might not hear from me until Tuesday, depending on how tired I am!

Don’t miss me too much! Until next time….

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