March 8, 2018

Thursday - Windy and rainy

An okay day.

I slept in a bit this morning and it was F’s fault. He had taken the day off work to go to the doctor but didn’t get up early to go. He finally left and I had a quiet morning. I watched my shows and had breakfast too.

When he came back, he wanted to go out for lunch with me and his mother and he wanted me to think of a good place.  I came up with Naa, the farmer’s restaurant.  A little bit of a read through my old blog tells me that it was three years ago today that we first went to Naa!  Anyway, we had a nice lunch there, F and I had fish and meat, K just had fish and we were all pleased.  Afterwards, I wanted to get left off at the mall, but K had an hour before she could get to her doctor I decided to just go to the house.  
Farmscape with Mountains

Farm, road and mountains

The view from inside the restaurant. I liked the way the window screen made the picture look.

At the house, we relaxed for a bit and then F and his mother went off.  I watched a bit of TV from the DVR and worked on my scarf-redo for a while.  When they came back F vegged for ages. I had really wanted to go out, but he wouldn’t move. He kept asking about movies, but there weren’t any.  So annoying. I just wanted out of the house! He never gets to spend time here, and I spend too much.

Finally, I heard his mother banging doors downstairs and suggested that he check on his mother to see if she needed food.  I was thinking we’d go out and get her a bento.  Next thing I knew, he said that he was going to get dinner for his mother. She wanted udon.  I said that was fine.  However, when he hadn’t returned within 30 minutes I began to wonder what was going on. I went downstairs and found that they had both gone out! He’d taken her out for dinner and didn’t even ask me if I wanted to come.  I wasn’t pleased at all.  

He came back later and when I said to him that I was really surprised that they both had gone out, looked upset. I pretended that I wasn’t angry because I just can’t handle him pouting for days anymore.  We ended up going for dinner and then to the internet cafe. Dinner was at Gusto and it was fine. They had some new dishes on the menu, so I had one. We didn’t have drink bar because our next place had one.  

The Internet Cafe was quiet tonight.  We got booths next to each other and I watched a little telly while I knitted.  After a while, I went on Youtube and started looking up my old heartthrobs from when I was young.  So, I had fun listening to Rex Smith, David Essex, Rick Springfield, and David Cassidy.  That was a hoot.  And I still know all the words to Rex Smith’s songs.  What can I say?

When our three hours were up we came back to the house via the convenience store to get a salad for my lunch tomorrow.  We had a quiet evening in and F has gone to bed, although he’s not asleep. I’m planning a to get some sleep soon though.  That’s it for me.

Come back later and find out about my Friday. Until tomorrow….

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