March 7, 2018

Wednesday - Sunny 

A good day.

It’s late and I’m very, very tired, so I should end this quickly.  I got up this morning and did my usual stuff, plus a load of laundry.  I saw K early on and let her know that it was okay to eat the vegetables from last night or some of the little hamburgers that we bought last night from the grocery store.  

I really had a quiet afternoon.  I watched too much TV!  I did clear quite a bit off the DVR however, so that was good.  

F came back to the house around his usual time.  He wanted to go out for dinner quickly, so I suggested going to Kintaro Sushi, which we did.  His mother had enough food in the house for her, so off we went.  We had a nice meal there, then F wanted to go to the onsen. I thought it was a bit early and would be too early, so suggested going somewhere else.  We ended up at a Daiso for a while and then to a hardware store.  I got myself an extension cord at the hardware store for when I travel in Japan and need extra plug-ins. I got one with a couple of USB ports too because F and I always have to charge our phones or my iPod.

We went out to the onsen finally and it was fine. The women’s side was very quiet. I went out to the rotenburo and really liked it. The water is a lot cooler there, so it is more my temperature than anything inside!

When it was time to finish, F wanted a drink, so I suggested Mosburger. We went there and each had their soy dessert set.  I had the chestnut one, F had the strawberry one.  It was nice and we also got to use the wifi. Well, I did, I have no idea if F got it worked out or not!

We came back to the house via the convenience store.  I had a marvellous time dealing with the garbage for F to take out tomorrow.  He’s planning to take the day off if he can. He wants to take his mother to the doctor, and go himself if there is time. As for me, I have no idea. I guess I’ll be here at the house if I am wanted!

So that’s it for me.  Come back tomorrow if you have the nerve or the curiosity, and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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