March 9, 2018

Friday - Cloudy and dark, rainy too, I think

A goodish day.

I slept in a bit late today and had a hard time dragging myself out of bed.  I did finally get up, watched a bit of telly …okay a lot of telly…had breakfast…later lunch.  I did something coolish for lunch. I took all of the leftover potato wedges from the other night, put them on my baking sheet, salted and then drizzled oil over them and baked them for a few minutes. They were a bit like chips, but a little softer and quite yummy. I gave a few to K as well as I hadn’t seen her all day and was wondering how she was doing.

I came back upstairs and ate lunch. I watched a goodly assortment of TV today, including an episode of Victoria. I really liked that one!

I did my dishes after 4 pm and then F was pretty much on time tonight.  He first talked about making a nabe and then about going out. We all went out tonight to Tai and had a pretty good meal.  K had ramen, F had curry and I had a steak salad. We all seemed quite pleased with our meals.  

We brought K back to the house and then went out again.  F really wanted to go to the onsen, but I didn’t. I just wanted not to be in the house for a while. What I suggested doing was that F should drop me off at Yamaya. I’d look for stuff there and then when I was done, I’d go to the nearby hardware store.  When that place closed out, I’d walk over to Gusto and have something light and wait for F to finish. I would get some free wifi and also some time out of the house and time to read a bit. 

F wasn’t sure but did drop me off.  I had a nice time. I looked at stuff in Yamaya and got a few things to share with my crafting group and also for me! At the hardware store, I picked up a brochure for a Japanese version of the Instant Pot and a couple of small things. When the store closed, I walked over to Gusto and got a couple of small things and drink bar. I surfed the net a little and also read a couple of chapters of my book on my iPhone.  

When F came to meet me, he was happy that he’d had a bath and I was happy that I’d had some me-time. He had a dessert too and after a bit, we left and came back to the house. 

I watched the re-broadcast of the Great British Bake-off and F watched it with me. He seemed just as fascinated by it as I was.  It wasn’t subtitled and I had the English channel on so he had to listen pretty carefully to the English. He did really well. I am really proud of his English ability. He does have to put up with me so he gets lots of practice of course!

And that’s it for me.  F has gone to bed and is snoozing.  I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing tomorrow.  I might go to Sakata to visit a friend or I might just stay in Tsuruoka. Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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