April 11, 2018

Wednesday - Cooler and rainy

An okay day.

I had a bit of a hard time getting out of bed today, but I did it finally.  I got on with my usual things, bed making, coffee drinking and internet checking too.  I watched the news and then my TV dramas too.  Breakfast was had, and a load of laundry was done and hung up in the garage.  Yay me.

I watched a few of the shows off the DVR and also did 4 postcards up for Postcrossing today. I even have one going to Uzbekistan which is quite exciting for me.  I hope it gets there. 

I didn’t even see K for most of today.  She slept in quite late this morning and then F came here on his lunch and ate his bento upstairs with me. We just never ran into each other!

I got my postcards ready to go and when F finished work he called me to see if I had any ideas.  I didn’t really.  When he came back to the house I suggested sushi, but our Tsuruoka own brand, not the fun one!  He liked the idea and asked his mother along too.  

We went to Kintaro Sushi and had a pretty good meal there.  It was a little busy for a while so everything was freshly made.  Yum.  When we were all quite full, we left and paid.

F drove us back to the house and we got out of the car.  F had asked me if I’d go to the onsen with him tonight and I said I would.  We got our stuff ready and I went over to the garage for a towel.  Which was missing.  Yes, F had seen my towel hung up amongst my other towels and had taken it!  I took another one down and then F tried to give me my original one back.  The thing was, I didn’t have any place to put a clean, slightly damp towel just then.  

We went to the Mt Haguro spa again and it was okay.  The water seems to be getting hotter again and I don’t like it.  It’s getting too hot for me.  It was also quite crowded tonight with lots of older ladies.  I guess I fit right in, but I prefer it when it doesn’t have so many customers! 

I left a little early, but F came out just a few minutes later.  We discussed going for a drink but didn’t.  What we did do was go to the grocery store for a few things.  After that, we came back to the house and relaxed.  

It turned into an okay day after all.  I think K enjoyed getting out of the apartment for a little while…I think F forgets that she needs out once in a while!

Not sure what Thursday will be like.  I hope it goes well.  Come back and see soon.  Until tomorrow….

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