April 10, 2018

Tuesday - Warmish and Sunny

A good day!

I woke up the first time around 7, made a quick trip downstairs and then went back to bed and sleep.  When I woke up around 8, F was gone.  Poor thing.  I dragged myself out of bed and found out that I’d inadvertently left the water pot on all night.  Oops.  Good job it wasn’t empty.  

I watched the news and then later on my morning drama…now it’s Major Crimes so I’m quite happy with it.  I decided to do a tidy-up, but stopped a little while later.  

I had breakfast and some coffee, watched some of my telly off the DVR.  I also wrote a letter to a friend today.  I didn’t quite have the right postage so decided I might have to make a trip to the post office later.  

I watched an episode of Reign and of Absentia today, which is good as it gets them off the DVR.  As I was done around 3, I decided to do my lunch dishes and then make a dash to the post office.  I left the house around 3:40, saying goodbye to K.  

I made quite good time going down the road and got to the little post office just a bit before 4. I bought a few stamps and also my 2 yen stamps, put one on the letter and then put it in the mailbox outside.  

I made a quick stop in 7-11 for an iced coffee and then walked back to the house.  It really was a lovely day out. It wasn’t terribly warm, but the sun was shining.  Yay.

Back at the house I watched the news and got ready for F to arrive.  When he did, he wanted to go to the post office too, and also asked about going to the onsen.  I didn’t really want to go, to be honest, I suggested going to the post office and then Tsuruoka Park to see the cherry blossoms. The rest of the week we are supposed to have horrible weather so tonight would be a good chance.  He liked that, so we did it.

The post office was fine, we went to the main one and were in and out quickly. I bought a few more stamps too.  

We drove over to the park and parked the car nearby.  We walked to the park and walked around looking at the cherry trees.  They are about 30% out, but a few trees are in full bloom, so it was nice.  The little kiosks aren’t all set up yet, and there weren’t that many people around either, so it was more enjoyable for us.  It was cold though.  We wandered around, taking a few pictures, and then we were done.  With us going away this weekend, we might not get another chance to see the blooms this year.

When we finished in the park, we decided to get K a bento or something for dinner.  I needed a few things for my lunches for the next couple of days too.  We went to the grocery store and got a few things, then dropped them off at the house.  F did this funny thing where he lets me carry the groceries out to the car, then forgets that I have them.  When we got to the house, he was searching the back seat for the bag, but it was on the floor next to my feet the whole time! 

He gave his mother her food, I put mine in the fridge, and then we were off again.  I suggested soba or udon and F was okay with that.  I listed off a few places we could go and F picked Nagomi, so off we went.  I really like Nagomi.  It’s a Japanese restaurant where they treat me like I’m normal.  They don’t stand around and ask F millions of questions about me, they don’t ooh and ah over my chopstick skill, they just make good food and I like it there!  We were the only customers tonight and we both had the same thing, duck in hot soba.  They flavoured the soup with a little yuzu and it was very nice with the duck.  We ate, watched the TV a little (it was one of those find a Japanese person in a random place in the world…Norway tonight) and then paid and left.  

F didn’t want to go back to the house yet, so we drove around looking for a place to have coffee.  The amazing thing is we actually found one!  A little bar/cafe near the MaxValu. It stays open late and serves great coffee.  It even had the baseball game on for F, which he enjoyed.  Tonight, no one was smoking, so that was a bonus.  We both had a cup of mocha blend coffee.  It was nice.  

After all of this, it was time to go back to the house.  We came upstairs.  F took a shower and we spent a little time together talking.  It actually was a really nice night!

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow night, but the weather isn’t supposed to be good tomorrow.  That might mean that F is a bit grumpy again.  Sigh.  I do hope not.  

Come back later if you have time and find out how my Wednesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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