April 2, 2018

Monday - Sunny and warm

A better day, but frustrating.

I stayed in bed rather late this morning, but so what. I was up before 9 and that’s really all I care about!  I watched the news, which they’ve shuffled around again, so the UK news is right at 8:00 am and the US news comes sometime around 8:30 or so, don’t quote me on that. 

I grabbed my breakfast and ate, then started to look at the texts for my classes on Thursday.  Unfortunately, as I was just getting into them, the teacher I’m filling in for asked me to send copies of her paperwork to her.  It wasn’t a problem, but F was also phoning me and so I was trying to do too many things at once.  Then, when that all got sorted out, I realized that some of the paperwork wasn’t complete and had to ask the teacher about it.  She’d made a mistake.  

I wanted to eat lunch earlier than usual today as F was going to take me to the doctor around 3:30.  So, I had lunch.  After lunch, back to the books, and back to getting calls and texts from everyone.  Argh. I didn’t get anything planned as F came back to the house.  
He changed and we went out to the doctor.  I am on the verge of losing my voice and since I have a few classes this week, am trying to avoid this happening.  I was given the same not very good medicine from the doctor, plus gargle this time.  I probably should give it a chance though.  

After the doctor, we went to the grocery store and picked up something for K’s dinner.  We got ourselves a few things too.  We delivered them and then went on our way.  

F had asked if I’d go to the onsen today, and I had said it was okay.  It was.  We went early in the day and the women’s side was very quiet.  I had the rotenburo to myself today, but it was actually too hot for me.  I was going to go back into the big bath indoors but noticed the time was getting short, so left.  

F and I drove back into Tsuruoka and went for dinner.  We were thinking of places to go and as we passed one, F asked if I’d go to [garbled]-ichi.  I thought he meant the yakiniku buffet place, he actually meant the udon place we were just passing!  I like that restaurant, so said it was fine.  We had a pretty yummy dinner of udon.  I had udon and tempura, F had udon, tempura and rice. 

We left the restaurant and made our way to the theatre.  F had asked that we go and see Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri again tonight.  We went into the cinema and got our tickets and popcorn.  We sat down when a lady came over and asked if I was Helen.  Of course, I said yes.  She said that she was a friend of a friend who lives in Tokyo and to be honest, I haven’t seen her since my wedding!  This lady had moved to Tsuruoka three years ago…she has a foreign husband too.  We chatted a little, I don’t think she speaks a lot of English, but we managed.  They left to go into the theatre, we followed.  Of course, we were sitting in the centre section as is our wont, they were sitting to the left of us, in the same row!

We saw the movie again and it was great.  Frances McDormand, for all her odd acceptance speech, was brilliant in the movie.  Woody Harrelson was also good, and so was Sam Rockwell. It was nice to be able to pay more attention to the performances this time.  

After the movie, F and I left the theatre, but weren’t quite ready to go back to the house.  We discussed where to go and finally chose Gusto.  We had a small dessert and some drink bar while we unwound from the film and the day.  

We came back to the house and I watched most of So You Think You Can Dance, which had some brilliant performances in it tonight.  

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I simply MUST get my lessons for Thursday planned.  I have 4 and won’t really have that much time beforehand.  I’ll also have to do things like get my suit ready and check that my shirts do or don’t need ironing.  Hopefully, don’t! 

Come back later if you dare and see how much I actually get done!  Until tomorrow….

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