May 1, 2018

Tuesday - Sunny then muggy

An okay day.

I got up this morning and had a quiet day.  I really did. I was busy for a part of it, but that’s about it.

I did my usual get up and watch the news, except I watched from the bed.  I watched some of my dramas that were on or on the DVR too.  I had breakfast at my usual time, but never actually ran into K at all. I saw her in the living room, no idea if she saw me or not.  I wasn’t impressed when I saw the bread maker on the kitchen table. I wasn’t sure if F had left it there yesterday after he finished making bread or not.  It wasn’t clean, so I spent a few minutes cleaning it up.  I put it back on the floor where it’s been living for a while.

Around 1 or so, I came downstairs again for a bathroom break, and also to wash dishes.  I brought down oodles of F’s dishes from our room and washed them.  Of course, I first had to clean the drain in the kitchen sink and the little gomi basket in the corner of the sink.  Then I had to clean the basin in the sink and finally put away some of the dishes in the drainer, before doing dishes.  I wasn’t impressed with my husband since most of the stuff was his.  I had asked him NOT to leave me a big mess to clean up if he made bread…he obviously didn’t listen.  It took ages to get everything back to normal or clean again.  I wasn’t impressed with him.  

I took my lunch upstairs and ate it.  While I was upstairs I heard the door and then lots of noises from downstairs.  It seemed like K had company.  I had completely forgotten that people visit each other during Golden Week.  It was Granny’s day for a visit.  After a while, I went downstairs with my dishes and poked my head in the living room to say hello.  I didn’t stay long, but I wanted them to know I was upstairs and not ignoring them!

They left after a while.  I finally finished and then proof-read my column.  I even sent it in today, and then F came back from work.  

F, of course, wanted to know what I wanted for dinner, so I suggested that we just go to the Internet Cafe and have our dinner there.  K had lots of food in the fridge and we’d be away on our usual night there, so why not.  F liked the idea so off we went.  

During Golden Week the package time starts at 4 hours, so we stayed there for 4 hours.  We both had dinner there too.  I worked on my spiral loom hat and got quite a bit of the brim done.  Yay me.  Poor F got a defective chair tonight so had to ask to be moved.  I’m glad it wasn’t me, as I was supposed to have that chair, but swapped with him so I could have a wall on one side.  

We came back to the house just before 11 and I watched a little telly off the DVR. I watched an episode of Castle which I had seen on a plane a few years ago and also an episode of Broadchurch 3. It had Josette Simon in it, she was a cast member of my favourite British sci-fi show Blake’s 7. So that was cool!

And really, that’s about it for my day.  I have no idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I hope that I’ll be able to pack a few clothes in my suitcase and perhaps find a few things for us to do while we’re away.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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