May 15, 2018

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I had a slow beginning today.  I woke up early but didn’t get moving for a bit.  I watched the news from my bed, which is actually a good place to watch it these days. Maybe if I pull the covers over my head it won’t affect me?

Around 10 I took the quilt cover downstairs and bunged it in the washing machine. It took a while but was finally done.  I hung it up in the garage to dry. I also did a load of my own clothes too.

I had a quiet afternoon. I watched a bit of telly and a couple of episodes of Reign. I enjoyed it although historically it doesn’t work at all!

When F came back at 5:30 we took my bike to the bike shop. It has a slow puncture in the back tire and is really rusty.  F got them to check the back tire and to try to clean it.  I’ll be happy to see how it looks later on.

F also wanted to go to the onsen tonight and I said I’d go too, and go in the onsen.  He decided we’d eat there and I was okay with it.  We got K a bento and me a few things for tomorrow’s dinner (I’m cooking). We delivered the food to K and then F and I went off to the onsen.

We both had baths.  Mine was too hot.  I tried the rotenburo and even though it was outside, it was too hot.  I felt like I was being boiled.  The inside bath wasn’t much better.  I left a little early because I didn’t want to damage my skin.  

We had dinner at the spa.  I had katsu curry and F had a tempura donburi.  We shared an order of fries which were really good.  My food was great but F’s wasn’t up to his standards at all.

We left the spa and drove back to Tsuruoka.  We did make a quick and fruitless stop in a Family Mart to look for some chocomint things.  We didn’t find the ones I wanted, but did find a couple of other things so got that. 

We came back to the house where I watched some telly - NCIS and the first episode of Suits Season 7.  Both were good.  

And that’s about it. I’m falling asleep at my keyboard so I have to go.  I hope to see you tomorrow, depends if my cooking goes well.  Wish me luck! Until tomorrow….

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