May 21, 2018

Monday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I woke up early but stayed in bed after F got up for work.  I got up, watched some of the news, but it wasn’t very good…not the usual broadcast, and then watched my morning drama.  I grabbed breakfast and came upstairs to eat.  

I had a quiet day today. I did do a couple of good things.  I put away my winter coats and I filed away my Postcrossing postcards.  I had to open a box to do the latter, but I ended up sealing it again afterwards so dust wouldn’t get in it. I also swapped some books out of the bookcase so that I could put the ones I’ve read recently in there.  Yay me.  there’s still a lot to do, but I was surprised how much my 20 minutes of tidying let me do.  

I had a nice lunch later on and then I did my dishes followed by a bit of a wait for F to come back to the house.  When he got here he was in a bit of a state about dinner. I finally suggested going to Gusto since he could get noodles or a rice dish, or something easy to digest. I could get something I liked and it would be fine. I even said we could ask his mother, but F decided not to.

We picked up a bento for his mother and also a drink and some other things for me, then came back to the house and delivered them.

F and I went to Gusto and had an okay time. We both had chicken. He had miso chicken and I had a Chicken Tatsuta plate with chicken fried rice and an egg on top. I gave F the egg. We both had drink bar too. I quite liked my meal, I’m not sure about F.

When we got back to the house I suggested getting some of the new solar lights for the driveway out and ready for tomorrow. They have to be charged up for 12 hours and there would be no way that I would get up in time for doing that. All F has to do in the morning is take out the strips to activate the batteries and put them in the sun outside. I hope he remembers!

He had planned to go to the onsen, but it was quite late when we finished that so he wasn’t able to go. Oh dear. There is a free shower downstairs, don’t know why he doesn’t like it!

We watched Friday’s episode of The Good Doctor and quite enjoyed it. The show is growing on me. Freddie Highmore is a good actor. WOWOW is just going to start showing the latest (last?) season of Bates Motel so I’ll probably see him twice a week then!

I went over to F’s side of the bed for a chat around midnight.  It was nice.  We don’t do enough chatting these days.  

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a bit of laundry and maybe some Postcrossings, fingers crossed!  Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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