May 25, 2018

Friday - Hot, sunny, muggy, cloudy, rainy…all the weather in one day!

A good day!

This morning F got up and cut the bread he’d made overnight.  The best thing from my point of view is that he cleaned up after himself too!  Woot.  I usually get gifted that treat.  He went off to the doctor, I stayed here and watched my telly.  He came back fairly soon after.

We had an okay morning. F asked if I’d like to go and see the parade. I said no at first but then said if we could get me some sunscreen I’d go.  I’m allergic to almost everything, so it’s hard to find good stuff.  We went over to a big drugstore near the MaxValu and I found some that I’ve used successfully before.  We bought a tube. It isn’t cheap, but it is better than burning. 

We went over to the Chido Museum and looked at some of the exhibits.  They had one room of drawings of foreign-style buildings in Tohoku and Hokkaido. I said to F afterwards that they were mostly the same. F suggested lunch so we left the car in the parking lot of the museum and walked over to Sukaze, a restaurant I like. 

I had a lovely lunch of cold shabu-shabu, vegetables, rice, soup, dessert and coffee. F had a plate of carpaccio plus dessert and coffee. We both enjoyed our meals.  

From lunch, we walked to Ginza-dori to watch the parade.  We found a place under cover and spent our time chatting and taking pictures.  Many of the Bakemono wanted us to drink sake or something, I took some of the “somethings” as did F. He was driving so couldn’t drink of course.

The parade was fun, but there were too many children-oriented groups in it.  I’ve seen it in other years where it was mostly adults and that was more fun for me.  

We walked back to the car afterwards. I was surprised it was still there and hadn’t been towed or ticketed! We drove to Doutor and had a drink and used some of the free wifi. When we were done, we bought a couple of things for K in the grocery store and then delivered them to her.

F and I went out for dinner to Udon-ichi.  At the moment, it’s one of the few things he can eat. He didn’t have udon though, he had a rice gruel thing that hopefully will work for him.  

We took in The Post at Machinaka Kinema tonight and quite enjoyed it.  Meryl Streep was good, as was Tom Hanks…but you almost expect that. Has Meryl ever been bad in a movie? 

After the movie, we came back to the house where we relaxed and watched some TV. We both took showers and F went to bed a while ago, I’m going soon.

Tomorrow we have an appointment and then I’m not sure what we’ll do for the rest of the day. Come on back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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