June 14, 2018

Thursday - Rainy and cold, then gloriously sunny in the afternoon.

An okay day.  

This was another quiet day at the house.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and hung them up in my room.  I did a few things online, watched a little bit of TV including a show with performances from the 70’s.  Today, Rod Stewart, Cliff Richard and, best of all, David Essex were on.  David was doing “If I Could” and he was so good.  I still know all the words to that song. I know I’ve seen this show before, but it doesn’t matter, it was great.  

In the afternoon I received a message from a friend asking if we could do a video chat for later, so I said it would be fine.  I did go down early to wash my dishes and while I was downstairs F called to say he’d be really late, probably back from work around 7 pm.  

I went back upstairs, chatted with my friend for an hour and then rung off.  I was messing around on my computer waiting for F when he called again to say that he’d be even later, most likely around 8 pm.  This time I let his mother know about that.

F did come back to the house around 8 pm.  I didn’t mind, I’d been watching The Great British Bake Off repeat so I was fine.  

He brought his mother a bento and the two of us went out for dinner.  I had suggested Gusto, but of course, F didn’t want to go there. He suggested a place that was terrible. I said no.  We were driving to Gusto I thought, but he turned the car in the opposite direction.  He had an idea that was okay with me, but the restaurant was closed already.  We did end up at Gusto and had a fairly decent meal.  I tried something from the new menu, F had a Japanese dish that he said was too salty.

We picked up a few groceries after dinner and then came back to the house.  I showered after a few minutes, F showered after a lot longer.  

We had a quiet night in, but of course, it was late when we got back.

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow or on the weekend.  We don’t have many plans for the weekend.  I may have to get some yarn if I can have time to plan for another baby blanket. Wish me luck with that!

And that’s it for me.  Come back later and find out what went on for me on Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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