August 9, 2018

Thursday - Hot and humid, cloudy

A busy but good day.

I had a different day today. I got up before 8:00 and watched the news. I also had an early breakfast.  I got dressed and just after 9 am left in a taxi.  I had a couple of classes this morning.  When they were finished, I caught another taxi to the mall where I had lunch and then walked over to a place where I had two more classes in the afternoon.  When I finished, I took another taxi back to our house.  F was right behind me when we arrived.  

F and I thought about dinner and decided to go to a restaurant near Voice.  We invited his mother too.  F and K had noodles and I had curry.  We all seemed to enjoy our meals.  F dropped his mother off back at the house and then we went out to his favourite onsen.  

F took a bath and I sat in the lobby with a drink and my crochet. I did a little more joining and it went quite well.  I did quite a fiddly bit, so that was good.  

After he finished and we were ready to leave, we drove back to Tsuruoka.  We got some food at the grocery store and also checked out the parking area for F tomorrow.  That would be the parking area where I’m teaching tomorrow evening.  

We came back to the house, I put away the groceries, then we came upstairs and ate our almost melted ice cream and that was almost it.  I watched a little TV too.  

I’m quite tired tonight so I think I’m going to end this.  Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow evening, but I do have some classes in the late afternoon to the evening.  Maybe fun?! 

Come back later and see how things go. Until tomorrow…..

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