November 2, 2017

Thursday - Warmish but cloudy

An okay day.

When I got up this morning, K was nowhere to be seen.  She’s usually up much earlier than me.  I fixed my breakfast and left her bowl and cereal on the table for her.  I didn’t put the cereal out or anything in case she didn’t want it, just wanted her to know I was thinking of her.  

We really never connected the rest of the day.  She’s caught a cold, quite probably mine and wasn’t feeling too well. I feel quite bad for her.

I had my lunch upstairs as well, and spent my time watching more Twin Peaks episodes and eventually doing Postcrossing.  It was a bit of a strange afternoon.  I didn’t want to bother K, so I mostly stayed out of her way.

F came home a little after 5:30 and we talked about dinner.  His mother wanted some medicine, so we would go out for that, have dinner and then deliver food and medicine to her.  I had suggested going to the Chinese restaurant near our old apartment, so we went there.  We had quite a nice dinner.  We had some greens, half a deep fried chicken, some yakisoba with sauce and some tripe and eggplant stir-fry.  We really didn’t need that many dishes for the two of us, but F wanted his yakisoba (the weakest dish in my opinion) and I wanted the greens!

We bought a few groceries and delivered them to the house.  K was still sleeping.  

F had talked about going out, then changed his mind, then changed it back again, so we went out!  We ended up at the Internet Cafe and each got a massaging chair.  I watched some telly and then some YouTube, I think I even had a short nap at one point.  I gave F a call when our time was nearly up…I sort of hinted that I’d really like HIM to call me once in a while.  It’s annoying that he doesn’t ever do it.  I don’t get to relax as much when I have to look at the time.

We came back to the house and I watched a little TV.  F YouTubed on his phone and then went to sleep.  

Tomorrow is a holiday and I have no plans.  I hope that we’ll have a good day, but with all of us a bit under the weather, I’m not sure how things will work out.  Wish us luck.  

Come back later and hear all about it.  Until tomorrow….

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