November 20, 2017

Monday - Rainy and cold, some snow

An okay day.  I got up a little later than usual this morning and did my stuff.  I was was a little worried that K would be in a mood still, but she was fine.  She did sort of mention that breakfast was cold though.  Well, yes, yes it is.  It is also easy and cheap.  I have basically decided to make oatmeal for us tomorrow though.  Hope she likes it!

I didn’t do any laundry today, although I probably should have.  I’ll do it tomorrow, or some of it.  I had a quiet morning and early afternoon, I went downstairs at 1:00 to put together lunch for us. We had a fabulous lunch of salad, smoked chicken sandwiches, Chinese style instant soup and a piece of bread with jam on it.  I found some raspberry jam in the fridge so used one of F’s homemade bread to have it on.  It was nice!

In the afternoon I watched the last, or second last Twin Peaks.  It just got more and more bizarre.  Sometimes I really loved it, other moments I didn’t.

I watched the news and a little later F came back from work.  He was tired, but I had a plan or two.  I suggested us going out for Sushi tonight like we’ve done a few times, then, tomorrow night making nabe at the house.  We’re going to do that.  There should be leftovers for K and I on Wednesday and since I’m going out in the afternoon, that’s a good thing.  Not too much clean up or fuss.  Also, I won’t have to worry if I decide to go early. K was invited to sushi, she chose not to come.  Part of her saving money plan I assume.

F and I had a good evening and ate a lot, but not too much sushi.  I discovered that the sushi shop had a frozen soy treat, so I had that and it was good.  I’m waiting to see if I get my dreaded nose plug up or not.  

After dinner, we went to another grocery store to pick up stuff for the nabe and for K and I.  We came back to the house and F set up the bread maker and I set up the plastic garbage for tomorrow.  

Later I was watching TV when I found that The Mummy Returns was on, so we watched that instead.  Fun!

And that’s about my day.  It was okay.  I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow I think, but come on back a bit later and find out!  Until tomorrow then….

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