November 21, 2017

Tuesday - Rainy and cold

An okay day.  

I got up at my usual time, did my usual stuff, had some tea and then went downstairs.  I was planning to make porridge this morning, since K had complained a bit about the cold cereal.  However, she wasn’t there!  Much as I like porridge, granola and yogurt is much easier, so I just had that as usual.  I did my dishes and then did a couple of loads of laundry too.

I did hear K in the later part of the morning, she said she was fine.  I had watched some telly upstairs between loads of washing but decided to do lunch around 1 pm in case she was hungry.  

F had made bread overnight, so we had some bread with duck slices on it, some soup, cabbage salad and hot salad too.  I made us a slice of toast with jam on it too for a little treat.  I think she liked it. I’m sure she’d rather have rice, but I wouldn’t so she can bring her own if she’d like!

I did the dishes and headed back upstairs.  I was on my computer for a while. I watched a couple more TV programmes and then the news.  

F called to say he’d be late, so around 6 pm I went downstairs and started working on the nabe.  It was my first time trying to make it, I usually let him do it as it is his thing.  I washed and cut up some veggies, cut up the meat and cut myself in the process, and tried to put it all together.  He came back to the house around 7 and laughed at my nabe attempts.  Hurumph.  People who want to eat said nabe shouldn’t make fun of it.  That is the reason why I don’t try to cook Japanese food…I don’t like being criticized by the peanut gallery.  F gave me some more “advice” and then after he changed, helped me set up the table.  

We took the nabe out to the living room and cooked it there.  I also put out some kimchee and F gave him and his mother some rice.  We had the nabe and it wasn’t bad at all.  F kept eating it to the point where I had to tell him to stop!  It was supposed to be lunch for K and me tomorrow.  I’ll have to supplement it I think.

I did the dishes too.  F said later that he would have done them, but had made no move whatsoever to do so, so I did them.  Besides, I like to wash them in hot water and both him and his mother use cold water. Yuck.  

F set up the bread maker again for tomorrow morning and I came upstairs to watch TV and use my computer.  Both of us took showers tonight and had a cup of decaf coffee.  I made a duck sandwich after my shower which I shared with F.  

That’s about it really.  Tomorrow I’m going to get my hair cut, but later in the afternoon.  I’ll most likely have breakfast and lunch here at the house before catching the bus downtown.  Wish me luck with that! 

This is the first year for a few that F and I haven’t had a big trip planned for the next day or two.  His birthday is on Thursday, and this year I couldn’t get him to think about going away.  Sigh.  It would have been fun, but possibly quite dangerous too.  For many of the last few years, we have had earthquakes around this time.  Yikes!

Well, that’s it for today.  Come back tomorrow and hear all about my day.  Will I have a good day?  I’m not sure.  Until tomorrow….

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