November 3, 2017

Friday - Sunny and warmish

An odd, unsettling day.

We slept in this morning, and didn’t really get going until after noon.  K has spent most of the day sleeping again I think.  She deserves it.  

Since F was off work today with the holiday, the two of us went out for lunch.  We went to Fireball after a lot of discussion.  It was nice today.  I had smoked salmon and mushroom pasta in a vodka sauce, F had a sausage pizza that he put tabasco sauce on.  Sigh.  We shared our food and I really liked both of them.  

After lunch, we went over to a local clothing store where we went shopping for my sister’s birthday present.  We found something, and also something for her and her daughter’s Christmas presents, so that was good! 

F suggested going to a second hand shop to get himself some glasses for drinking beer.  We went, looked around the store and he finally found some.  They said they are Mucha glasses and they have a design on them, but they were quite cheap.  I hope they last as they are rather pretty.

We did a little shopping as well for his mother and in the hundred yen shop attached to the grocery store.  I picked up some gift tags that would work for Christmas and a few little things at the store.  

We came back to the house and F checked on his mother.  She seemed a little better. After a few minutes we were ready to leave again.  When we were in the car F suggested going to Foodever for Dinner.  We were planning on seeing a movie tonight, but it was before 5 and we’d eaten late. I wasn’t ready for dinner honestly.  Foodever wasn’t very busy, most things looked closed.  As we were crossing the street to go to the bank, F suggested going to the Fish Restaurant across the street.  I said I didn’t want to as it was too early and I also said that I knew he was going to ask that.  I did.  He got into one of his moods again, and even though I said I’d go with him, he wouldn’t go. Sigh.

He was all set to go back to the house, but I suggested going to the movie theatre instead.  We could wait there, and even go to the bakery if we wanted.  Well, we got there and F wouldn’t buy anything at the bakery.  Granted, they were down to just one small shelf of goods since it was close to closing time, but there was some nice stuff.  I didn’t want to buy anything if he wasn’t, so we just left.  

In the lobby, we sat on chairs and F sunk deep into his iPhone.  It was nearly time for the first film so I asked him which one he’d like to see tonight. He didn’t care.  I decided to go to Blade Runner 2049 since it had been out longer and might end sooner.  

We bought our tickets and he tried to get us seats really close to the front.  I objected a little, so we moved back.  Good call on my part.

We did the usual popcorn/drinks thing and then watched the movie.  I really liked it. It wasn’t a “fun” movie, but it did turn out to be a fairly good runner-up to the original Blade Runner.  

After the movie, F’s stomach rebelled and he had to leave the theatre in a hurry.  I took back the popcorn tray and then went to the washroom.  I waited outside for F for quite a while.  

We went off for dinner.  We tried to go to a fishy place for F, but it was full.  On the way to my choice he suggested Gyudon, which I wasn’t really happy about, but ….  We went.  I had the gyudon light, which is meat on tofu rather than rice.  It was okay, nothing great.  F had fish on rice, he said his was okay.  

We came back to the house after this and it was quiet for a while.  For some reason, F got out of his blue funk and was cheerful again and we even had fun talking to each other.  Lately, I feel like F doesn’t want to spend any time with me.

I can’t tell you how depressing it is to go to a restaurant with a person who would rather watch wrestling on their phone than have a conversation. If it was just an isolated thing, I could handle it, but this is a constant mealtime thing.  Everywhere we go, he is glued to his phone.  I really am not happy about this.  

I’m not sure what we’re going to get up to tomorrow.  I think F might go to the doctor with his mother.  I’m not going to go as I feel quite a bit better.  I’m still plugged up nasally, but better than before. 

That’s it for me for tonight. It has just started to rain, so you’ll have to come back later and find out what went on over here!  Until tomorrow….

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