November 4, 2017

Saturday - Cooler and rainy

A surprisingly good day!

This morning, F took his mother off to the doctor.  It was nice for me as I was able to get a chore done that I needed, and wanted some privacy for.  When they came back, F and I went out for lunch.  F wanted a fish place so I let him go there.  We went to Sashimiya and it was okay.  They’ve done a bit of a reno inside and we had to sit on tatami, which I don’t really like.  The food was fine though.

After lunch, F took us for a drive to see the Salmon Spawning farm or something.  It was a long drive and I was sleepy but didn’t fall completely asleep.  I didn’t mind going there because it is kind of interesting and I had nothing else planned.  We arrived finally and went and looked at the fish.  Not that many today, plus it started raining a bit.  
Salmon trying to spawn or swim away!

We walked up to Maruike-sama Pond, which is close to the salmon spot.  It’s a very beautiful blue lake.  There’s a little temple next to it as well.  We also spotted another temple or shrine up on the hill, but didn’t climb up to it as the trail was wet and we weren’t in our climbing gear.  We don’t have any actually!
Maruike-sama Pond

Obviously, not a lake, but a stump.  See if you can spot something interesting in the picture!

It was very nice being there. We both took lots of pictures today.

On the way back to Tsuruoka, F detoured to find a cake shop.  They sell a local famous sweet.  We managed to find them, and he bought us some of the kabocha pies.  

On the way back we hemmed and hawed about going to see Thor.  I wanted to see it, but thought we should visit K again and bring her some dinner.  However, F thought we could just make it if we didn’t visit her first.  He was right.  

We divided and conquered.  I got the drinks and popcorn, he got the tickets and we went to see Thor: Ragnorak.  It was fun.  It wasn’t deep, but it’s a comic book film.  I don’t really expect deep.  

After the movie, we picked up 3 bentos at the grocery store and came back to the house.  We offered one to K, but she didn’t want it right then.  We put it in the fridge for her, heated ours up and took the upstairs.  We had our dinner and chatted.  

I watched a bit of TV tonight, tried to prepare my sister’s birthday present, and relaxed a bit.  It was a good day, one of the better ones in a while. 

Not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  We might go to the museum as there’s a new exhibit, but we haven’t decided yet.  Come back later and find out what we do!  Until tomorrow….

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