December 15, 2017

Friday - Cool but clear

A good day.

I had a good morning today. I woke up, but stayed in bed the opposite way this morning so I could watch the news in bed. I missed the first few seconds of the UK news because I was relaxing a lot. After NCIS, I went downstairs to have breakfast, but K was nowhere in sight.  I grabbed my breakfast and came back upstairs.

I took care of a few little Postcrossing Swap things in the room and on the net, watched a bit of TV and drank a lot of tea.  When I went down after 1:30 for lunch, K was up and said she’d like some lunch.  Today I heated up the leftover nabe and added some of the bread that F had made overnight, plus a cheese bagel toasted.  We had a nice meal and there were even more leftovers for K’s dinner.

I came back upstairs and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon. I wrote a couple of in-Japan Christmas cards and checked over the paperwork I had done for my parcels to Canada. I hope they are all okay. 

When F came back to the house around 5:45, he invited me to go shopping with him for my nephew’s Christmas present.  He’s a great kid but is at that odd age where he isn’t a child but isn’t quite a man yet.  We’d got him small but not very fun things before. We went to a hobby/toy shop and looked around, but ended up going out to Mikawa to Don Qihote.  

We got a couple of things for my nephew there and a few things for us. It was rather amusing since F wanted more things than I did for a change. For myself, I bought a bit of cereal as it was on sale.  We paid and then went to the mall for dinner.  

It was rather amazing but we didn’t fight over our meal tonight.  There are only a few choices at the mall for either of us, so I listed them off. I told F he was welcome to have ramen and I’d go to another place, but in the end, we both decided to have bibimba and I really liked it. I put a bit of vinegar on mine for the first time and it seemed to add a little something. 

We left the mall just before it closed.  We noticed that the movie theatre has done a bit of re-decorating and updating.  There are machines to sell tickets now. It’s a little disappointing in a way. I like dealing with people.  
We made good time back to Tsuruoka and at the house I got the water on and we both had some coffee.  I wrapped the new presents and made sure that they would fit in the box.  They do, just!

And that was my day.  I’m quite tired so I’m planning to get some sleep really soon.  Come back later and find out if I see the new Star Wars film or not. I’m hoping to, but will have to see.  Until tomorrow….

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