December 18, 2017

Monday - Rainy and snowy and warmish

A good day.

I got up this morning when my alarm went off. I glimpsed K downstairs, but didn’t make eye contact so didn’t have a chance to say hello.  When I came downstairs to fix breakfast she was nowhere in sight, so I grabbed my food and went back upstairs. I didn’t eat for a while, however. I started a load of laundry and then ate my breakfast. I did three loads of laundry today and hung them up all over my room up here! I figured they wouldn’t get dry in the garage so I might as well make the heater work twice as hard up here.

I watched a little TV and worked a bit on my column. When I looked at the real time I was a bit shocked to discover it was after 1pm! I thought that it was still before 12. I waited a little while and then went downstairs and fixed myself lunch. I saw K downstairs and asked her if she wanted me to cut some bread for her, but she didn’t. Instead, I had a bagel and smoked chicken, plus some salad. I took everything upstairs and enjoyed it.

A little before 4 pm I took my dishes downstairs, did them, and then went outside and cleared the snow from the walkway the steps of the house.  It was warm out, but raining. The snow on the roof kept crashing down onto the steps, so even though I cleared them, they were covered over again in a few minutes.

I came back in and told K to be careful if she went outside. I came back up to my room and did a few computer things. F called before he came back to the house and said that he’d bring a few things back to the house for dinner.  He did.

F and I reheated the curry his mother had made for tonight’s dinner. Of course, F managed to simultaneously burn and underheat the curry but he tried. I kept telling him to turn down the heat, but leave it on longer. He didn’t listen.

We had some rice with our curry, and also some bread. F had bought pickles, so we ate all of those too. After our meal, F did the dishes for a change and I came upstairs to prepare.

F and I went to an onsen together tonight.  He finally took me to the onsen that he takes his mother too on the weekends. It was very nice.  Happily for me, it wasn’t very busy either, at least on the women’s side. I tried the sauna, but I’m not a fan, and I also tried the rotenburo which was lovely. It was raining slightly, so being in the warm water with rain was cool.  I wasn’t sure about the lightning that we had going on though!

After our meal, we went to MaxValu to get a few things for tomorrow’s lunch.  Since F ate all the curry tonight, his mother might not have anything to eat tomorrow.  We got in a little donburi for her and I also suggested a gratin for her.  It can keep for a couple of days and is usually quite nice and something different for her.  

I was going to get myself a yummy looking sandwich in the store, but F suggested going somewhere afterwards.  I was a tad nervous but said it was okay.

When we left the store, I suggested going to Gusto. It was just across the parking lot, still open, and not too expensive really.  We went there.

I had some spaghetti and meat sauce and shared an order of spinach and bacon with F.  He had a huge meal of fried oysters with a donburi and miso soup and the works.  We didn’t have drink bar but used quite a few coupons from our apps.  

After our second dinner, we came back to the house. I set the table and moved my clothes so that I could heat the bed part of the room. I watched a bit of TV and then worked on getting things ready to mail off to people. I answered some email and then blogged!

Tomorrow I have to work on my column some more. I may have to walk to the post office, or I may do a Postcrossing or work on my nengajo. I should do that at least!

Come back later and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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