December 17, 2017

Sunday - Cold and snowy and windy.

An okay day.

This morning F and his mother went to the onsen, so I had the house to myself for a while. I got up, dressed and had some breakfast.  I was on my computer again when they came back.  

F came to tell me that he was taking his mother shopping.  A few minutes later he asked if I wanted to come too.  Of course, I did, so off we went. I had asked that we go to the big grocery store so I could get in some Christmas supplies.  I did that while F and his mother toddled around the store. When we finished our bill came to more than 5000 yen, which is unusual. 

F and I dropped off his mother at the house and then we went off to do more shopping.  I had asked for Yamaya, so that’s where we went.  We got some crackers there, and a few other things as well.  We looked at the MaxValu for some sparkling apple juice, but they didn’t have the kind we wanted.  F visited a hardware store too and picked up a few things. 

After all of this, I thought we’d head back to the house, but we didn’t. He wanted to go to Mikawa and that was our next destination.  We bought a few more things for Christmas, including the sparkling apple juice, and took them to the car. I had asked to buy some sandwiches for my lunch, but F wanted to go to eat together. Okay fine. Except, when I started talking about places to eat, he didn’t want to go to any of them.  So, once again, we went to different places. I went to a family restaurant and had steak and a salad, he went to a fast food place and had ramen. He didn’t like it. Ha ha ha.  

He wasn’t around when I went looking for him so I texted him. He was sitting in his car.  What??!!  Why? I told him where I was so he joined me.  After a few minutes, we decided to go to Baskin Robbins and both had ice cream. It did seem to lift our moods a bit.  

We went back to the car and drove back to Tsuruoka. On the way, F remembered he needed to buy something for work, so I reminded him when we were near the city. He drove to a hardware store and got his thing, paid and we left.  

His mother was actually cooking tonight and was making curry, so F got it into his head that he needed naan. We did try to get some, but couldn’t find it. We got a couple of other small things and then came back to his house after he gassed up the car.

The curry was fine, but the experience of getting the food on the table wasn’t. His mother sat in the living room the whole time and F and I did the other stuff.  F wasn’t talking much so I felt really left out.  I set the table, made some tea and generally just felt like a bump on a log. I did wash the dishes after dinner, but couldn’t get the water hot enough for my standards.  I also did up the garbage for tomorrow too and then took it out to the garage. 

I wasn’t sure if F still wanted to go out as we had planned but he did.  We went to the Internet Cafe for a few hours and just relaxed. I’m sure I dozed off for a few minutes, but it was okay.  

We came back via a convenience store to get a couple of envelopes for me to send things and then had a fairly quiet evening in. It was fairly pleasant tonight.  

I am still having a hard time with this food thing. I am nearly at the point of vomiting when F talks about going for a meal. I called him on it today. He demanded that I name a place to eat, and then when I did, a look of total disgust came over his face. I am damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I asked him why he asked me to choose if he isn’t going to go along with my suggestion. After all, “he can eat anything”. If I suggest two or three places, I basically get the same response.  He doesn’t want to spend money on decent places and wonders why he gets sick when he eats in crap places.  

Reading back through my diary I have noticed how much time and energy we have spent just fighting over the food we eat.  I seriously wish that I had one of those husbands that doesn’t finish work until late so that I wouldn’t have spent so much time, energy and worry about our meals. 

I think one of the big things for me is that I genuinely don’t like Japanese food anymore. If I ever did like it, the feeling has passed.  Oh, there are things I like, even love, but when F brings fish tempura back to eat with the curry, I wonder what the hell is he thinking? I rarely eat tempura, really don’t like little fish that much…what is going on? 

The food he likes is so unhealthy and is totally crap for me. I’ve written a couple of sentences and erased them.  I’m not willing to put my feelings out in public yet.  Anyway, that’s it for tonight.  I hope that tomorrow is a better day, but I really doubt it will be.  My Christmas is shaping up to be a pretty horrible time of year. As usual.  

Until tomorrow….

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