December 31, 2017

Sunday - Warm and sunny

A nice day.

I’m just going to do a quick and dirty entry today as it is very late and I am very tired.

We had a decent day today. F was grumpy about lunch, but as I suspected it had more to do with him being hungry than anything else. We had to end up at Gusto and I thought lunch was fine. F didn’t like his much.  

F wanted to get his haircut so he dropped me off at the mall and I did a little shopping. I didn’t buy much. After a while, I went to Doutors for a tea and that’s when he called me. He joined me with a new haircut! We did a little shopping and then went to pick up the sushi.  

At F’s house, he went into high and cranky gear to make dinner. We put out the sushi and some soup.  We ate that, then F made some soba for us. Bleck.  I told him before he cooked it that I didn’t want much, but he didn’t believe me. I had to ask him to take some of it back off my plate later.  It wasn’t great stuff, but it was okay. There was still too much of it though.

After dinner, I got stuck with doing the dishes and is par for the course, F was nowhere in sight, despite making way too many dishes.  After I finished I went upstairs. I decided not to go back in the living room. I don’t really feel welcome there.  Besides, Japanese TV.

I came upstairs and worked on some computer gaming things, and listened to some Christmas songs.  Yay me. I didn’t see anyone else until 11:30-ish. F asked if I’d like to go and do a Hatsumode. He suggested a few big shrines as options. We decided to go to Tsuruoka Park’s one, so got dressed up and left just after midnight.

There was a lot of people at the shrine, but it wasn’t too bad. F and I were in and out about 45 minutes later. It was a little drizzly, but the weather was warm, so not bad.

We drove to the gas station and F picked up some kerosene for us. He stopped on the way back at a convenience store, but they didn’t have a lot of food as they were renovating soon. 

At the house, I was upset with him as he chose to be annoying when I was trying to help him. I eventually just grabbed my drink from the fridge and brought it upstairs. I didn’t drink it until he came up. We had a little “Kampai” and then had our drinks. 

That was that. Despite my losing my temper, it was an okay day. Tomorrow we’re off to Yamagata, fingers crossed it goes well.  I won’t be here tomorrow, probably back on the second. 

Oh, last minute mention…Sue Grafton, the author of the Kinsey Milhone ABC mysteries died. I am quite upset.  Apart from the fact that I loved her work, she didn’t finish more than Y and won’t let other authors finish her works.  I will probably get Y soonish, as I have many of her other works.

That’s it for me.  Until tomorrow’s tomorrow....

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